Seoul Motor Show 2015: FUTURE TECHNOLOGY

Hyundai Motor’s advanced technology
promising a better tomorrow

Seoul Motor Show 2015: FUTURE TECHNOLOGY
Future of Infotainment

Future of Infotainment

Smart Watch, an wearable device connected with the vehicle secures driver’s safety and checks health status of the driver. You can view the carefully selected contents showing your life style in and outside your car. You can even check what your kids are doing behind the seat.


An infotainment technology helping you to easily connect with your smartphone. By connecting via USB, you can use the calling/music/map/texting features of your phone on the navigation screen of your car.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance System

    Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

    The ultimate driver assistance system that not only provides better convenience yet allows better safety. An total safety / convenience / driving assistance system including automatic parking with your smart key, LKAS, LDWS, ASCC, and AEB.

  • Head-Up Display

    Virtual HUD (Head-Up Display)

    The virtual HUD technology projects 3D image data necessary for driving on the front windshield glass. Various data including simple navigation and speed indicator may be seen without looking away.