Freedom in Mobility

Vision of Project IONIQ

project IONIQ vision
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project IONIQ vision

As time rolls by, urban life grows more and more complex. The barrier that divides the transportation and daily life will be vague due to the development of networks, not to mention the fact that people will eventually become busier.

There will be a need for the efficient usage of definite energy and of course, the burden for environment pollution will be entailed. In order to overcome such restrictions and limits and to actively prepare for future mobility, Hyundai Motors will initiate “Project IONIQ”.

Freedom from Accidents and Inconveniences

project IONIQ

Having transitioned from the era where people only focused on driving fast, we have already become familiar with a smart car. But, these cars are yet to be the perfect solution to the problems caused by automobiles, which include traffic jams, the risk of car accidents and the physical burden on drivers. How much will our lives improve when we see automobiles that forecast traffic changes, evade the risks of car accidents and continue on to the destination on their own? We have already seen the possibilities. “Project IONIQ” opens the gate to an era where people no longer feel uncomfortable in transportation nor bear the risk of accidents.

Freedom to Connect Everyday Life while on the Move

project IONIQ

With the improvement in network technology, the automobile is not a simply a means of transportation; but rather, it has become a moving living space. This implies that the barrier that separated transportation and daily life no longer exists. Project IONIQ will do away with the thought that “listening to music is the only thing that can be done in a car.” If one can go shopping, take a rest, engage in some healthy exercise and do household chores and finish work in a car, our lives will be much easier and relaxed. IONIQ will create a more relaxed lifestyle by converging movement and life together.

Freedom to Effortlessly Access Mobility Whenever and Wherever

project IONIQ

Project IONIQ studies the new concepts and methods for helping more people move easily and simply according to changing social trends and lifestyles. Everyday mobility in the future may be hard to associate with the basic concepts of a “car” in the present. The mobility of the future may be seen as cars without tires or those with very small tires; they may even transform upon needs. We do not yet know what will be the definite automobile the future; but the principle of “Project IONIQ” will not change.
“Anyone should be able to enjoy freedom of mobility anytime, anywhere.”

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