i30 N

The first N model, i30 N

Feel the Feeling

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The i30 N is Hyundai Motor’s answer to emerging customer preferences towards uncompromising innovation and technology-driven performance.
The All-New i30 N is made for people to experience a mischievous grin when driving a performance car. The powerful 2.0-litre turbocharged engine delivers up to 275 PS and 36.0 kgf·m torque. It offers direct response with a linear power development through the early responding turbo charger. It features front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission.

“The Hyundai i30 N has been developed for no other purpose than to deliver maximum driving fun to our customers in an accessible high-performance package,” says Albert Biermann, Executive Vice President Performance Development and High Performance Vehicle Division. “With the high-performance N models we will enhance our brand’s appeal with emotional products that cater to the needs of people who love to have a smile on their face when they drive their car on a winding road and listen to the sound of the engine."

It’s measured in BPM not RPM

The i30 N has been developed on the basis of three corner stones under the theme ‘Fun to Drive’: Corner Rascal, Everyday Sports Car and Race Track Capability.

Our core focus lies on emotions. Our overall target is your heartbeat and your emotional escape from the ordinary driving experience. We were aiming for nothing less, but the most fun-to-drive high performance vehicle in the segment. The i30 N has been developed to make the driver’s heart beat faster when he or she gets behind the wheel. Instead of focusing on pure numbers, we have chosen to emphasise driving pleasure and the emotional impact on the driver’s heartbeats per minute (BPM), rather than simply measuring revs per minute (RPM).

Corner Rascal

The i30 N loves corners. It has the fascinating stability of high speed braking and turn-in into a corner. It can keep a fast mid corner speed and make the driver to start an early acceleration at the right moment. Feedback, traction, and hungry for corners are the main targets when N-gineers developed the chassis of the i30 N. The rack-mounted motor-driven power steering is very direct and offers high precision. The N traction and stability control is very cooperative, like a good co-pilot, helping when necessary and otherwise being quiet. It does not disturb the driving fun but makes you even faster. For the real enthusiasts, the stability control can be switched off completely for maximum freedom.

With our newly developed N Power Sense front axle, the driver can feel the power at the steering wheel that the driver sends to the wheels when putting the pedal to the metal. Newly in-house developed N Corner Carving differential provides the unique carving feel throughout the corner. It enhances handling by stabilizing the car at braking, during turn-in and when exiting corners. It transforms understeering into carving. The continuously adjustable shock absorbers of the electronically controlled suspension smartly manage the load transfer during cornering and provide well balanced body and wheel control. Lastly, the i30 N’s maximum grip is guaranteed by the specially developed 19-inch Pirelli P Zero high-performance ‘HN (Hyundai N)’ code tires.

Everyday Sports Car

The i30 N is an everyday sports car, suitable for daily commuting in comfort on weekdays or for race track performance on the weekend. With a great variety of customization options, the i30 N is a well-balanced hatchback, offering performance and practicality to create the best feeling for the driver. There are five drive modes, including Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom settings, which can be intuitively selected by using two dedicated buttons on the steering wheel. This is N Grin Control system supported by a big 8.0-inch display. The different modes provide different characters of driving experience by adjusting engine throttle response, rev matching intensity, exhaust sound feedback, N Corner Carving differential level, body and wheel control with the continuously adjustable shock absorbers, steering weight and feedback, and the level of grin supported by the N traction and stability control.

Newly developed powerful engine - a 2.0-litre direct injection turbo engine is capable of power output of up to 275 PS and a rich torque curve supported by a smart over boost function that temporarily increases torque by 8%. Paired with a six-speed manual transmission, it can be controlled by the enthusiast driver who loves to operate a crisp shifter and a tight clutch. Additionally, the driver can select the rev matching button on the steering wheel to increase the revs on the engine when shifting from a higher to a lower gear. For even more exhilarating driving fun, the i30 N provides an emotional sound. A responsive and powerful sound is elevating music in the ears of every car enthusiast. By variable exhaust valve, it increases the amount of exhaust noise and gives true feedback when needed.

Race Track Capability

The i30 N even in base spec without any option can be taken out on a race track. Track driving is all about consistency, and this is where the i30 N’s strong substance performs to maintain the driver’s grin for many laps. Its cooling and lubrication systems are proven at the ADAC 24-Hour race on the Nürburgring. This level of performance requires a very stiff body structure as the fundamental basis of the whole chassis performance. It is based on the Advanced Hyundai High Strength Steel body structure, and this body’s high rigidity is even more increased by the rear stiffness bar behind the rear seats. The aerodynamics of the i30 N made for a downforce and lift balance that upholds the driver’s grin.

The i30 N’s brakes have been developed to last with an extra cooling function through the air intakes on the front bumper. With a large size disc and strengthened caliper, the standard brakes are strong enough for the race track. The exclusive steering wheel ensures that the driver is in 100% control of all driving performance features directly by hand with solid grip. Uniquely designed seats with powerful lateral support provide extendable seat cushions for further enhancing stability and it is low enough to wear a helmet. It has a launch control to get off the line fast like a professional driver, and the gear indicator and the shift lights on the cluster support track driving. The driver can monitor engine oil temperature, torque, and turbo boost in the cluster. Lap time and acceleration time can be measured and displayed on the 8.0-inch touch screen.

We’re here to break the category

The i30 N is a real contester, challenging other high performance vehicles on the market today. The i30 N is all about precision, control, safety and durability when it comes to sharp performance and driving excitement. State-of-the-art high-performance technologies can be effectively combined to provide a smooth and controlled ride. The key high-performance features are segment-leading for Hyundai Motor’s first N model and can be chosen individually by the driver depending on the driving mood.

01 N Grin Control System
Drivers can choose from five individual drive modes: Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom settings, which can be activated by using the two dedicated buttons on the steering wheel. The human machine interface is supported by 8-inch display. With N Grin Control System, the driver can choose the level of grin from Normal mode for everyday driving to max grin N mode for race track driving. The different modes change the character of the car, adjusting the parameters of the engine, the dampers, N traction and stability control, N Corner Carving Differential, engine sound, steering and rev matching. In the N Custom mode, drivers can select from Eco, Normal, Sport and Sport+ settings for each high-performance component to match driving preferences and road conditions.

02 Launch Control
The i30 N’s launch control controls engine torque when starting from the standstill, helping to launch the car like a professional race driver.

03 Rev Matching
Rev matching automatically adjusts the revs on the engine when the driver shifts from a higher to a lower gear. Consequently, depending on the drive mode, it allows smoother or sportier downshifts.

04 Electronic Controlled Suspension (ECS)
By controlling the damping force, ride and handling and stability are both enhanced. Depending on the driving conditions, from daily trips to circuit driving, the vehicle’s performance can be adjusted.

05 N Traction and Stability Control
Combined with the traction control and electronic stability control system, this N Traction and Stability Control performs like a good co-pilot. The electronic stability control system stabilizes the vehicle during cornering maneuvers. If desired, the it can be switched off completely for maximum feeling.

06 N Corner Carving differential (with Performance Package)
N Corner Carving differential is an in-house developed electronic limited slip differential. It allows driven wheels to turn at different speeds, so it transforms understeer into carving. The strong cornering ability of i30 N could be achieved by this new performance features.

07 Variable Exhaust Valve System (with Performance Package)
Depending on the drive mode, the customer can select different exhaust sounds and thus manage to actively control the exhaust valve. The sound differs with the size of the valve opening.