About N

The pure connection between car and driver

About N

“Drivers will experience the thrills and emotions of our proven motorsport prowess for themselves. The Hyundai N will deliver the pleasure of driving with performance-oriented cars. They’re just the start of what we know, and it will be a fast and exhilarating journey.” - Albert Biermann, Head of Hyundai Motor’s Performance Development & High Performance Vehicle Division -

Born in Namyang, Honed at Nürburgring

Born in Namyang, Honed at Nürburgring
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Born in Namyang, Honed at Nürburgring

N stands for 'Namyang', the name of the place where Hyundai Motor’s global R&D center is located.
All the high-performance N models designed by the passionate high-performance experts at Hyundai Motor’s Namyang R&D Center, are born here. From here they go to Nürburgring in Germany, which has the reputation of being one of the most grueling racing tracks in the world and undergo rigorous testing and inspection. Through this painstaking process, the N models are re-born.
The N models of the future will not just provide fun on the race track but also ensure that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of dynamic driving in their everyday life.

The Most Thrilling Winding Road Fun

About the Logo

The chicane, also dubbed “the corner of opportunity” on the race tracks, is the inspiration for the N logo. The N logo resembles a winding road or a section of road that curves continuously.
N is not consumed by the need for increasing power or gaining higher maximum speeds. Rather, N places primary importance on the excitement of driving, which comes from a well-balanced performance during sustained periods of repeated acceleration, cornering and braking.
Put simply, the N logo represents N’s determination to develop models that will deliver the ultimate in a thrilling and pleasurable driving experience on winding roads.

Three Principles for the Development of the N

Motorsports-inspired Technology

N is inspired by the motorsports in which Hyundai Motor participates. Hyundai Motor’s experience is channeled back into creating high-performance N models that respond accurately and instantly to the driver’s every command.
Thanks to Hyundai Motor’s involvement in the world of motorsport, where unpredictability is the norm, Hyundai Motor acquires the data and know-how that propel the development of the N models.

Balanced Performance

N’s goal is not simply to maximize the car’s power. In order to make the high-performance models more agile, each component used plays a vital role.
When high-performance technologies are combined in the most optimal harmony, they forge the balance that N aims to realize.

Emotional Delight

N focuses on pushing the vehicle beyond its role of being just a means of transportation, and offering their customers the thrill and excitement of driving.
Awaken your excitement when you feel the acceleration as your body sinks deeper into the seat the moment you step on the accelerator or when you feel yourself becoming one with the car as it moves swiftly through the corners. Experience the uplifting sensation of your adrenaline surging at the powerful exhaust sound and revel in the exhilaration of feeling the feedback from the road surface through the steering wheel every moment of your journey.

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