Body Rigidity

Evolution into safer and stronger car

Body Rigidity: Maximizing basic performance of car through tough bodywork

Recently, there was an increase in marathoners in our society. However, it is difficult to run for a longer time with higher speed if one does not exercise regularly to strengthen the body. Above everything else, it is important to enhance basic stamina and strength. This goes for cars as well. Rigid car body relates directly to comfort and delicately responsive handling that drivers pursue. Moreover, even the tiniest vibration and noise of a car is reduced to the lowest level. As a result, a rigid body leads to an ultimate driving sensibility of the car. There is no need to mention the strengthened safety factors in case of collision.

In order to enhance the rigidity of the car body, Hyundai Motor Company efficiently used the AHSS. An AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel) is specially processed steel that is 10% lighter and 200% stronger material compared to regular steel plate.
Sonata applied this advanced high-strength steel on 51% of total body, which is 2.4 times greater than usual sedan, and car body rigidity is maximized since it was applied mainly on the interior protection. As shown above, Sonata is equipped with rigidity for brilliant and safe driving.

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