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HTRAC: Control the Light

HTRAC: Control the Light

The film ‘HTRAC – Control the Light’ portrays how Hyundai Motor’s HTRAC actively adjusts the driving power distribution on all 4 wheels to achieve optimal balance on any kind of road conditions, including a wet surface, bumpy or curvy roads.

For a dramatic and captivating display of this technology, we attached LED lights on each wheel to capture the changing power distribution between the front and back wheels. Thanks to HTRAC, you won’t need to negotiate with the road conditions. You own the road.

※ Specifications may vary by country. For further information, please refer to Hyundai Motor website of your country.

HTRAC: How it works

HTRAC: Witness the Light

HTRAC: Witness the Light

'Witness the light‘ describes in detail the technical fundamentals of HTRAC shown on ‘HTRAC – Control the Light’. It has been arranged as a guide to lead you through every dramatic moments of HTRAC.
How can we make human-eye catch the moment of HTRAC’s subtle power distribution? This is why we came up with this brilliant plan.
Let’s witness the wonders behind HTRAC unfold before your eyes.

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Watch Hyundai’s 3.8L V6 Genesis taking on Montana’s scenic Bridger Mountains, even in 12-degree weather.

What is HTRAC?

An exclusive technology of Hyundai Motor, HTRAC is based on AWD technology. It's name is a combination of the H from Hyundai Motor and the first part of the word Traction to symbolize the technological characteristics of four-wheel-drive.

Unlike the mechanical four-wheel-drive systems already introduced by countless other brands, HTRAC variably controls the braking power of the left and right wheels. It can change the amount of power allowed when driving on ice or other road conditions, as well as the speed of the car, for a next-generation four-wheel-drive system that delivers stable driving on slippery roads and when cornering.

A further advanced All Wheel Drive (AWD) system

  • Four-wheel-drive transfer

    The transfer mechanics mounted on front and rear wheels are electronically controlled power allocation systems that can proactively control and allocate power to the front and back according to driving conditions.

  • Control when driving around corners and turns

    Through individual wheel control and separate control of wheels that are needed and those that are not, the technology provides the driver with the utmost stability when turning corners at high speed and when driving on unstable road conditions.

  • Intelligence control according to driving conditions

    By assessing driving conditions, such as unintended / intended accelerations and constant speed, and road conditions, power is justly allocated to front and rear wheels.

  • Control under each driving condition

    Changing the allocation of power to focus on comfort under normal mode and acceleration under sports mode, drivers can enjoy high performance as well as the genuine pleasure of driving.

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