The suit which protects the baby and gives him the super power
resembles Hyundai’s will to care about our customers.


Exobaby: The Film

Exobaby: The Film


‘The Exobaby’ is the 2nd viral film to address Hyundai Motor Company’s Product Identity(PI) after ‘The Empty Car Convoy’ which recorded over 11M views on Youtube since its launch in June 2014. A cute baby dressed in a suit (Exoskeleton) appears heroically, demonstrating amazing abilities that ordinary babies can never perform. All these features are in fact related to 2015 All-new Sonata’s features.
An `exoskeleton` is the external skeleton that supports and protects a human’s body, in contrast to the internal skeleton. The main function of exoskeleton is to assist the person wearing it by boosting their strength and endurance. They are commonly designed for military and medical fields to help soldiers and the disabled. The title of 'Exobaby' comes from such origin, the suit being the baby’s Exoskeleton.


The hero baby smartly takes advantages of the state-of-the-art technology suit that offers a wide range of solutions for conditions experienced in daily life. And a total of seven cutting-edge technologies are applied based on the Sonata – body rigidity (AHSS, Advanced High Strength Steel), Smart Trunk, Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Turbo GDi engine , Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS), and Smart Parking Assist System (SPAS) – with figurative wit that embellishes the baby’s story.


In other words, the cute baby represents Hyundai Motor’s customers. And we want to deliver our message that products of Hyundai Motor Company, like the suit protects and supports the baby, always care for our customers at any moment. Hyundai Motor Company’s effort to convey the Smart Caring value for customers through the actual product will continue on.

※ Vehicle and technologies may vary depending on the market situation. Please visit your local Hyundai Motor Company’s website for more information.

  • Body Rigidity

    Body Rigidity

    Exoskeleton covering Exobaby protects Exobaby just like the AHSS of All-new Sonata.

  • Turbo GDi

    Turbo GDi

    Overwhelming power and speed of Exobaby rivals for Hyundai’s Turbo GDi engine.

  • Blind Spot Detection

    Blind Spot Detection

    When Exoskeleton pre-detects hidden dangers, Hyundai’s BSD protects you from dangers within blind sports.

  • Forward Collision Warning System

    Forward Collision Warning System

    Hyundai’s FCWS supports your safe driving just like Exoskeleton’s pre-warning ability.

  • Lane Departure Warning System

    Lane Departure Warning System

    Exoskeleton prevents Exobaby from stepping on grass garden, when Hyundai’s LDWS keeps you inside the lane.

  • Smart Trunk

    Smart Trunk

    Exobaby doesn’t need Mom’s help for his number two. Watch Sonata’s trunk opening without your help when your hands are tied.

  • Smart Parking Assist System

    Smart Parking Assist System

    Worn-out Exobaby can nonetheless climb up the bed without much effort, like Hyundai drivers smoothly parking with SPAS.

Exobaby: The Making Film

Exobaby: The Making Film


This Exobaby video has taken a long production time – about four months from ideation to shooting and CG work. In order to create a new character and design that represents Hyundai’s product identity in such a unique manner, we went through countless meetings and ideations until we finally started actual shooting. Shootings on a huge set and an actual house in suburb London were conducted with a real baby doll elaborately produced with a model of exoskeleton suit (puppet). We infused life into the puppet through the efforts of professional puppeteers with rich experience in this field. Realistic rendering of fun actions unfolded in a variety of situations. Cute twins were casted to take a variety of real faces in moments of full of surprises, laughter and super-heroic actions.


The cute Exobaby represents our customers, smartly supported and protected by Hyundai. And we want to deliver what Hyundai Motor desires and dreams of; a car that always provides superb caring for the driver at any moment. Hyundai’s challenge to provide our Smart Caring for every customer with our line-up of cars will continue on.

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