The Empty Car Convoy

The astonishing experience
with the new born technologies made for you

The Empty Car Convoy – Viral Film

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<The Empty Car Convoy> is Hyundai Motor Company’s 1st attempt to capture and deliver the product value and philosophy through filming the actual product performance. By cleverly placing the new technologies that are added to the new Genesis 2015 version, ASCC(Advanced Smart Cruise Control), AEB(Automatic Emergency Braking System), and LKAS(Lane Keep Assist System), Hyundai wishes to deliver the message that we always provide the smartest care for customers.

Of course, every technology listed above has been developed under the premise to enrich the drivers’ convenience when the driver is driving the car, but in order to maximize the impact; we have directed a driverless, self-driving situation with stunt actors involved showing surprising moments with the empty cars driving with complete self control. Hyundai Motor Company’s effort to convey the Smart Caring value through the actual product will continue on.
※ Technologies applied in the vehicle may vary by market. Please visit Hyundai website in your country to find out detailed information.

The Empty Car Convoy – Behind the scenes

팝업 닫기

Here we have captured the production record that was shot in California Proving Ground, Hyundai Motor Company’s huge and magnificent driving test site located in California, USA.
The process of the endless agonies to effectively capture the new exquisite technologies with elaborate control and the Smart Caring aspect of Hyundai is filmed in this making film.

6Enjoy the vivid and astonishing moments of the production with 6 all-new Genesis, stuntmen who demonstrated thrilling jumping actions out from the car, and our amazing crew including director who endeavored to get the finest picture.

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