Sculpture in Motion: Exhibition

21 Dec 2015 – 10 Jan 2016
Art Hall 2 & Oulim Square - Dongdaemoon Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul

Sculpture in Motion: Exhibition
Sculpture in Motion: Exhibition Treaser
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Sculpture in Motion: Exhibition Treaser

“Sculpture in Motion” is a collaborative project which aims to share with the public the design aesthetics of Hyundai Motor. The organic energy flowing from nature, instinctive rhythm that stems from this energy and harmonious motion are core genes of Hyundai Motor’s design philosophy.

Hyundai Design Center, the heart of the company’s designs, explores and celebrates the beauty of continuous movement. As a part of this research process, Hyundai Design Center’s in-house designers collaborate with world-renowned artists to create and exhibit series of works that reinterpret the company’s design philosophy.

Fludic / Helio Curve / Music of Motion / Historic Concept Car

The exhibition featuring four sections take place at Dongdaemun Design Plaza’s Art Hall 2 and Oullim Square. On view at Art Hall 2 is Fluidic, first generation “Sculpture in Motion” project introduced at the 2013 Milan Design Week and Helio Curve, second generation “Sculpture in Motion” piece showcased at 2015 Milan Design Week in tandem with soundtrack titled Music of Motion.

Section 4 is located on the outdoor Oullim Square, where four concept cars are on view. The cars are brought together under the theme of Historic Concept Car. Ranging from Hyundai Motor’s first concept car to the most up-to-date designs, automobiles visually illuminate how Hyundai designs have evolved over the years. This exhibition represents the ‘goals’ and ‘achievements’ of the company’s design philosophy under the overarching motif “sculpture in motion.” The principles embodied in the concept cars since the early 90s demonstrate Hyundai Motor’s creative spirit and artistic inspirations.

Sculpture in Motion Exhibition Highlights

Sculpture in Motion 1.0

#1 FLUIDIC: light formed virtual movement

Fluidic, the first generation “Sculpture in Motion” work, is an interactive light sculpture that was first revealed at the 2013 Milan Design Week. Resulting from collaboration between Hyundai Design Center and Berlin based company White Void, Fluidic conveys a message on ‘nature’, the fundamental source of inspiration in Hyundai’s design, it metaphorically expresses the creative process in which fluidic inspiration transforms into moving sculpture by the hands of the designers.

Sculpture in Motion 2015: Helio Curve

#2 HELIO CURVE: giving life to movement

Helio Curve, a second generation “Sculpture in Motion” piece, was born out of collaboration with the renowned kinetic artist Reuben Margolin. The California-based artist finds joy in naturalistic precision, calculated intelligence, and energy of movement.

Helio Curve was first unveiled for public view at the 2015 Milan Design Week. The kinetic sculpture combines the logical world of mathematics with analogue movements and sensuousness of nature. While the first generation ‘Sculpture in Motion’ conveyed the ‘creation of movement’ by sculpting fluidity with light, the second generation adds vitality, ‘giving life to motion’ by using analogue technology.

sound lab

#3 MUSIC OF MOTION: sound lab

Music of Motion soundtrack was put together to expand visual inspirations of Helio Curve into multi-sensorial experience. Directed by composer Doyoung Park, an in-house sound designer of Hyundai Motor Sound Design Research Lab, the twenty soundtracks in the playlist take three main themes: Tranquil yet Vibrant, Refined & Harmonious, and Neo Classic. Each piece was composed based on a deep understanding of Hyundai design philosophy, and they pay homage to nature’s vitality reflected in Helio Curve’s fluid form and the beauty of motion. Neo Classic is a reproduction of existing music of great artists which its rhythm coincides with the Helio Curve’s movement.

Listen to Music of Motion soundtrack


Music of Motion

  • Clouds

    I visited Reuben Margolin, the creator of , and his studio located in San Francisco. Upon my visit, I observed puffs of clouds next to the kinetic piece on my line-of-sight. The organic fluidity of the artwork seemed to mirror the modular form of the cloud, which inspired me to describe this scene through music.

  • Over the Waves

    recreates the gently undulating surface of the ocean waves that encapsulate tremendous energy. The second track starts off with tranquil music by depicting a boat off the milder region of the coast. The song climaxes as the boat treads on through the deeper and wider part of the ocean.

  • Basso Ostinato

    is constructed by hundreds of open-celled wooden blocks. The repetitive low pitch sounds heard from this body of work is metaphorically described as Basso Ostinato (ground bass). The simple variations in this melody add different levels of appeal based on various perspectives that pay homage to the kinetic piece.

  • Astral *****

    Looking up at the suspended work of and its shadow cast in the dark room is like encountering a colossal body of celestial object. The impact of this encounter, combined with fond memories of a loved one, led to this spontaneous rendition.

  • Italian Maestro

    When I heard that the first show of was confirmed to take place in Milan, I recalled Ennio Morricone, an Italian master of film music I have come to admire and with whom I had the honor of serving as a panel of jury. In this track, I attempted to bridge Morricone’s musical language and the spirit of .

  • Jonathan Livingston

    The repetitive skyward movement of reminded me of the fable in novella Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. The track’s climax signals the final moment when Jonathan Seagull reaches the highest point and eventually draws to a close.

  • Lamy Moleskine iPod *****

    These three brands are refined, simple and elegant – elements of beauty also found in < Helio Curve>. Additionally, they served as essential tools for inspiration documentation within my studio for an extended period of time. This simple and translucent music credits the three brands as its main motif and can also be considered as a token of my appreciation.

  • Point Out *****

    This was the first track we began working on at the initial stages of the project. We devoted a lot of time and attention during the production of this piece. The track portrays the movement of hundreds of wooden blocks through an assortment of musical notes and delays.

  • Time to Leave

    In our world, every meeting leads to a parting - and so it was with our project. This upbeat sound track reminisces our journey through San Francisco studio, Milano Design Week, the grand showing at DDP Seoul, and finally our farewell with . It signals my hopes to meet with the magnificent work again in the near future and points to new expectations for the next chapter in my life.

  • Just Loop

    The title implies a looped repetition of various concepts. Music of Motion does not necessarily have to be serious or weighty. Initially, we produced the track so that the first 4 parts repeat themselves in a loop. However, in the latter half of the project we edited out the first part to better match with the concept of . The song grows increasingly beautiful towards the end of the track.

  • Milan Groove

    During the preparation for our next exhibit at DDP Seoul in December after the Milan show in April, we produced six more songs to add to our track – this being one of them. This experimental track, created in memoir of Milan city and Design Week exhibition space, incorporates Latin style drum solos to add a pinch of zest to the movement.

  • Connection

    I came across myriads of new faces from various places during this year-long project. This track illuminates the priceless encounters with individuals who put their efforts to make this project a success.

  • 8916723 *****

    This new track was dedicated specifically for the opening ceremony of DDP exhibit in Seoul. I wanted this song to correspond with the dramatic unveiling of and to also emphasize the kinetic wave’s dynamic amplitudes. I highly recommend this track, which engages the voices of choir and creamy bass tones to conclude the song.

  • Runway

    With the assumption that the wave-like movements of the can be considered a musical instrument, we produced this track as an accompaniment of drums for the main melody. The music was inspired by observing the groove felt by the slight shoulder-shrug of a lonely young gentleman walking away in a black suit.

concept car

#4 HISTORIC CONCEPT CARS: evolution of Hyundai design

Reflecting the brand’s future and vision through design and performance beyond imagination, Hyundai’s concept cars symbolize the company’s identity. Four concept cars are available on view in “Sculpture in Motion” exhibition: HCD-1 (1992), HED-4 Qarmaq (2007), HND-9 Venace (2013) and HND-12 Enduro (2015).
These concept cars—all manufactured between the early years of the Hyundai Design Center up until today—show the history and evolution of “fluidic sculpture,” the company’s design philosophy. At the same time, they provide directions for a new future.

[Sculpture in Motion] 2015 DDP Seoul Exhibition- Making film
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[Sculpture in Motion] 2015 DDP Seoul Exhibition- Making film

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