Fluidic Sculpture

Living and dynamic beauty,
The Essence beyond the Sculpture

Fluidic Sculpture

FLUIDIC from Nature, SCULPTURE for Art

Fluidic Sculpture

Fluidic Sculpture completes nature-inspired designs in the most artistic of methods. Modern and artistic forms that have a life-like beauty to them. Designs created with such sincerity and artistic spirit are what Fluidic Sculpture is all about.
Many people question whether curves are 'Fluidic'?
Fluidic Sculpture is not a physical form, but a spirit. The lively beauty Hyundai Motor wishes to express is sometimes portrayed as dynamic curves, and at others, as more refined inner strength. Although expressions may vary, there is only one essence - Fluidic Sculpture.

The Essence beyond the Sculpture, Fluidic Sculpture 2.0

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Hyundai Motor is taking a step forward. Beyond the beauty of sculpture, a leap forward more value and perfection to achieve the automotive design.

Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 is another beginning of Hyundai design philosophy, with much evolved dynamic energy of life and energy that first completed Fluidic Sculpture 1.0.

  • Tucsson

    Refined Fluidic Aesthetics

    The dynamic DNA of Hyundai design expressed with further evolution of lines and sculptures is highlighted in the design of FS 2.0. The sculpture and foam of the FS 2.0 design are perfected by developing the dynamic lines and sculptures of the FS 1.0. The harmony of sculptural design, graphics and immaculate details perfect a deep and confident look of dignified FS 2.0.

  • Front Design

    Modern and Sophisticated Front Design

    The design of Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 pursues Hyundai’s unique beauty differentiated from other brands, through a modern and sophisticated front design. The grille and sculptural lamps reinforce Hyundai’s design identity, completing a high-end yet moderate depth of dignity.

  • Dashboard

    Premium Touch

    The design of Fluidic Sculpture 2.0, features not only visible beauty but also invisible aesthetic considering a new sensual driving experience for Hyundai drivers. Tuned sound and tactile sense for comfort as well as visible beauty, ranging from safe and comfortable center facia based on ergonomic design to interior design, the perfection of Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 is genuinely felt in driving.

Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 Application

Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 Application Download QR-code

Meet our next generation design philosophy Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 through detailed e-book and examples of Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 in Hyundai models on our application. Download the application with QR code or the links below.

Living and dynamic beauty, Fluidic Sculpture 1.0

Fluidic Sculpture Movie

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What is rigid is dead.
What is full of life flows smoothly.

As free as the wind
yet as balanced as nature
Fluidic Sculpture

It is easy to copy and reproduce the shapes of life.
But capturing the warmth of finding a flower that has burst into bloom after enduring a harsh winter
and the rush of awe during a raging storm poses a great challenge.
What leaves indelible marks on our memories?

What we reproduce is not just the appearance but the inner sensation.
We sculpt the most fluidic and dynamic creations,
a form of life and not an assembly of mechanical parts,
sought by today’s automobile lovers

We draw inspiration from the invisible forces of life found in nature,
not from the simple forms in plain sight,
and craft the most dynamic and balanced lines and forms.
Finally, we bring it to perfection through artful representations.

Fluidic Sculpture… It describes the design philosophy of Hyundai Motor Company, which seeks an aesthetic as unrestricted as flowing water and as free as the wind.
It represents the company’s pursuit of artistic perfection in every creation.

We believe
we can build with our own hands something as dynamic as nature.
We may not be able to give it the real breath of life
But we can make it attain a lively and spirited beauty that lasts in people’s memories.
It is reflected in the art completed with our hands and with our hearts Fluidic Sculpture.

As free as the wind
As balanced as the water
As bright as the sunshine
and as beautiful as a flower
The aesthetics of life acquired from nature,
Fluidic Sculpture

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