Fluidic in Tucson

The urban SUV, Tucson,
Featuring bold presence and sophisticated urban image

Fluidic in Tucson
Hyundai All-New Tucson, Teaser
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Hyundai All-New Tucson, Teaser

The 3rd generation Tucson with complete resemblance of Hyundai Motor’s design philosophy; this newest generation of Tucson combines bold presence of a SUV with a modern and sophisticated urban style all at once. Such powerful and dynamic exterior creates beautiful harmony with spacious and comfortable interior, completing Hyundai Motor’s unique SUV design identity.

The basic silhouette of the Tucson is created by adding dynamic and sleek cabin onto a robust body with dynamic two-tone garnish. Its uniqueness as a sporty, yet refined SUV is further enhanced by sleek profile and muscular body side. The Hexagonal Grille, essence of Hyundai’s family look connected with 2LED headlamps moves Hyundai’s design philosophy beyond current status.

EXTERIOR : Innovative style and dynamic comfort

Tucson's color radiator grill

While it is no longer difficult to spot SUVs in urban settings, SUV designs are undergoing transformation to a next dimension. They are moving away from traditional design featuring aggressive and tough look into more sophisticated and elegant design. For this new trend Tucson proposes its design, sporty yet comfortable, as a new style of urban SUV.

  • Strong yet sophisticated first impression

    You can immediately recognize the Hexagonal Grille, the statement and signature as a Hyundai. This grille naturally connects with the headlamps, making a bold front end image.

    Tucson front view
  • Chic and sharp side feature line

    Perfect combination of robust and sleek profile and muscular body side. The exquisite proportion delivers sportiness and modest image at once, creating a sophisticated side line.

    Tucson side view
  • Tucson’s unique wheel arch

    The non-round wheel arches create a momentum, giving the car a forward motion.

    Tucson TPMS
  • Stable rear view

    So much for slipping away unnoticed. Especially for the driver behind Tucson. Overlay innovative rear exterior can be overwhelming, yet shy design can be boring. The 3rd Generation Tucson moved away from the 2nd Generation Tucson’s rounded image, and displays wide and classy appearance with sleek elongated rear combination lamp design.

    Tucson rear view

INTERIOR: Tucson’s unique interior that combines strength of SUV and a sensibility of sedan

Tucson main dash

‘An interior of SUV has to be masculine, for real?
This question followed the 3rd generation Tucson’s interior designers, day and night. A customer enticed by SUV’s fundamental performance and design, does not necessarily wish for a rough interior. Tucson’s interior provides complete ease of control, a hint of traditional SUV design, and comfortable yet chic urban design.

  • Driver-centric interface

    Implemented parallel layout that demonstrates harmony between power and gentleness. To provide wide view and ease of control, Tucson’s control switches are grouped based on their functions. Upper area consists of cluster and audio multi-system, and heater control and A/C control switches are gathered in the lower area. This layout provides better visibility further enhancing the driving experience.

    Tucson dual full auto air conditioner
  • Interior providing pleasant experience

    Designers thought over every little details of the interior, including shape, volume and touch of each switches, to create the most perfect and smart space for driver and co-passengers. The side cushion surrounding the driver's seat resembles that of a sport car, providing extra comfort.

    Tucson color interior

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