Fluidic in Sonata

Refined beauty perfected over 7 generations

The most evolved Sonata

The 7th generation Sonata was the next model after the Genesis to feature Fluidic Sculpture 2.0. With the 7th generation Sonata's key design aesthetic known as 'Inner Force', the previous styling of the Sonata were enhanced to offer greater refinement and classier lines. The high quality and confidence of the Sonata has been achieved through a process of evolution, and the new Sonata design features aesthetic beauty imbued with that very same confidence as expressed through voluptuous forms and balanced details.

The visible beauty of the 7th generation Sonata with a design that embraces emotional sensibilities and aesthetic considerations is ready to win the hearts of our customers.

Visual Aesthetics: the confidence of 7th generation Sonata


In days gone by we lived in an age where we believed what we see is everything. We believed that beauty was the dominant power, and that it was achieved by revealing extravagance. Opulence was the trend, and displaying wealth was the luxury we pursued. Today the invisible inner force has become the center of our interest. The all-new Sonata matches up to the pioneers of this era, that possess dignity and dynamic flexibility, completed with confident inner beauty.

The 7th generation Sonata displays a condensed structure of balancing curvy forms and details. Refined lines that are as understated as they are exhilarating. – Exterior Designer Andre Hudson –

Inner Design, Aesthetics, a Road to Perfection

Inner Design

As your daily partner, the new Sonata strives to create timeless happiness and a comfortable experience. Not all is visible at first, but it touches you as time goes by. Hyundai Motor aspires that the 7th generation Sonata will be such a car for you. It is why we rather took time to carefully design the invisible elements of the car. This new Sonata, completed after countless nights of meetings, will prove to be a car that will give you joyful riding experiences, which your five senses will fully devour.

  • Every sound

    Every sound tuned for perfection

    Beyond the concept of having a quiet car, the 7th generation Sonata tuned every sound generated from the car to match the frequency range that is most pleasant for human ears. The sound of the door opening, the rhythmical click of the turn signal light, the confident sound of the engine, the window scroll and the button sounds… Designs have been planned to consider the invisible sound, for a true upgrade of your driving experiences.

  • The steering wheel

    In pursuit of the 1cm

    The steering wheel rim of the 7th generation Sonata is 1cm thinner than that of the previous Sonata. The thinner rim allows better grip and enhances the driving experience. This 1cm change of the inner rim required the entire steering column to be newly figured and designed, including airbags and the suspension positions. Hyundai Motor took dozens of redesigning to find the most optimal steering column for the best driving experience. The 7th generation Sonata is indeed a car of inner beauty.

  • The sensory feelings of each button

    Embracing fingertip sensibility into design

    There are dozens of buttons inside of a car, which are all outsourced from various auto part suppliers. The sensory feelings of each button will vary when clicked, of course, but even these minimal differences were not overlooked. The new Sonata reconfigured all parts in order for the buttons to give similar feelings and pressures, with one-on-one meetings with suppliers. Yet, when it comes to upgrading the driving experience, no improvement is too small.

  • the new SONATA’s dashboard

    Driver friendly, driver considerate design

    Let your eye flow along the lines of the new Sonata’s dashboard, door and console… and you will see Hyundai’s designers paid as much attention to shaping the inside of the car as they did with the metal.
    The 7th generation Sonata transformed the previous Y-type center fascia into a T-type fascia after a long, careful study, and turned the fascia to face little toward the driver to enhance driver safety and visibility.

Quotes from the designers


“The new Sonata has condensed the fundamental forces of the 6th generation Sonata with a level of refinement, balance and beauty that connects with your sense in an entirely new and deeper way.”

- Exterior Designer Jeoff Velazco -

The concept proposed by Hyundai’s U.S. Design Center became the blueprint for creating a design language around the new Sonata’s outward expressions of passion and internal balance of sophistication and strength.
Designers on both sides of the Pacific Ocean worked around the clock to exchange sketches and computer models, seeking to blend the bold, dynamic flair of the Western design with the sleek, detail-oriented refinements of the East. Countless iterations and cups of coffee later, what emerged was a new interpretation of Sonata – one that distilled the best ideas from some of the world’s most talented designers into an exclusive, refined style.
- Exterior designer Lee Ji Heon.

  • Progressive Rear Design

    Outside, cutting-edge features like stylish tail light and
    a sporty bumper highlight the new Sonata’s restyled rear deck

    Rear Design
  • Immaculate and stylish surface treatment

    By refining the lines, curves and decorative elements,
    the simple straightforward design delivers the new Sonata’s stylish aesthetic

    surface treatment
  • Refined center fascia

    Inside, a refined ‘T-Type’ center fascia offers
    an ergonomic, driver-oriented layout that enhances safety

    Refined center fascia
  • Switch design based on ergonomics

    Switch design
  • The dynamic lines of the 6th generation Sonata continue its legacy of sporty and modern side design

    The curvy rocker panel profile design and sleep upgraded DLO graphic element
    convey classy and modern dynamism

    side design

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