Fluidic in Genesis

A living organism that resembles humans, the Hyundai Genesis

Fluidic in Genesis

New Design for New Values


Today’s automobiles are modern marvels of cutting-edge technologies. However, resenting their technological complexities is not an easy accomplishment. It is DESIGN which reveals the true identity of the vehicles – shaping its overall aura and presence.

The designers of Genesis established its design identity by studying brand direction, user experience and new technologies employed for emotional appeal. ‘Bold and Stately’, ‘Design Consistency’, and ‘Robust Front Design’ were three key concepts that completed the current Genesis, ‘evoking a sense of awe by capturing beauty of nature in highly artistic shape’.

EXTERIOR: Expressing Dynamism through Simplistic Lines

Genesis front image

Exquisite Front Design

The single frame 3D hexagonal grille ensures that the front end of the new Genesis is not only striking, depicted in semi-gloss chrome, but also encompasses available HID headlamps, LED indicators and fog lamps. The employment of a slim-type air intake grille completes the exquisite look of the frontal design.

  • Genesis Side Design

    Unique Side Design

    In profile, the Genesis daylight opening is more expressive, with fluid lines and blended surfaces, a sleek C-pillar and side glass-molding helping to emphasize the sporty styling with a front to rear proportional ratio of 51.2:48.8. The semi-gloss chrome surrounding of side windows strengthen premium ambience in harmony with the overall side profile.

  • Genesis Rear Design

    Solid Rear Design

    The rear of the new Genesis benefits from the use of wide-profile geometrical elements, creating a solid look with a strong sculptural aesthetic. Dual tail pipes integrated with the rear bumper and slim-type rear reflector add a sense of sophistication and refinement to the rear design.

INTERIOR: Premium ambience from door to driver’s seat


Premium ambience can only be completed when it can be felt in both the interior and exterior. The interior of a premium car should be felt from the moment the door opens. Ergonomic design elements, carefully selected colors and high quality materials were also employed to create an interior space with great emotional quality.

The philosophy of Genesis’s design is found in the choice of materials and colors. A long list of design elements were employed such as an aluminum start button and center fascia panel, full-grain Napa leather seats, sun visors and pillar trims made of super fine fiber, Shamude suede to name a few.

button image

Designed for drivers

Interior of Genesis is strictly designed for drivers, based on Human Machine Interface design principles as a guideline, granting intuitiveness and simplicity.

The simple, wide-profile of the center fascia provides an open feeling and a sense of stability, and the switch layout based on HMI design offers more convenience. Switches and levers are classified into eight groups across steering wheel, center fascia and crash pad, etc, according to functions and convenience.

Steering wheel mage

Steering wheel design also reflects such determination of Genesis designers. Wheel surface contour and button layout were changed to improve grip and reduce interference between switches. Recognizing the fact that the human hand is not ideally shaped to grab a perfectly round or oval shape, a completely new design was created with a contour that fits just right. Genesis believes that such details complete the premium ambience of Genesis.

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