Design + Package

Engineers and designers aspire
for the same goal – a magical space

Santafe seat

People stay in the car during their repeated commute, business trips to rural areas and leisure time during the weekend with their families. Likewise, a vehicle has now developed from a simple means of transportation to a precious space for life.

Hyundai Motor, within this context, is oriented towards a perfect package and a design that naturally aspires for a wider, more open, safer and more stable interior space. This magical interior space, for that reason, is a result of the same aspirations of the developers and designers.

Package design, the solid sketch for a good car

Sonata interior line sketch

Like how a masterpiece needs a solid sketch, a fine structuring is necessary for a comfortable and splendid car interior space division. This is called an interior space division package. The package developers thoroughly analyze every space, from the engine room and the interior space to the cargo space, to design the optimal space division. Based on such structuring, the designer allocates various elements taking into an account the comfort and aesthetics aspect. Hyundai Motor puts every possible effort into concentrating on an interior package that bases its theme on the interaction between the car and the driver – in other words the Human Machine Interface (HMI) philosophy, while not making it too standardized or too common.

The best interior space that best leverage the given conditions for presentation

Tucson main seat

Definitely, there seems to be a limit to acquiring sufficient cargo space and coziness for the drivers in the given length, width and weight. But, since it is not easy, ironically, it is interesting enough to challenge. In particular, with the diversified consumer needs and addition of new functions for on-driving controls due to the development of relevant technology, the interior space design and structuring have become ever more important.

Like a tailored suit that fits one’s body perfectly, the car that suits one’s lifestyle is everyone’s dream. The interior design of a vehicle shall be new but not too provocative like the home furniture and its aesthetics shall be integrated well with the functionality. In addition to this, for a vehicle to function as another living space, there needs to be a storage that responds to the needs of different countries, ethnic groups and individuals. For that reason, like how a tailor makes a tailored suit, the designers and developers at Hyundai Motor take into account the consumers’ body features, living environment and vehicle usage patterns to come up with a sensible space design that is both stylish and comfortable.

Avante TUIX cup holder

Acquiring sufficient space

The size of the space that one feels inside the car differs depending on how well the given space is leveraged. In order to make the interior space look wider, carmakers either attempt at differentiated side leverage or side division that gives a sense of illusion. Hyundai Motor’s premium mini bus “Solati” takes pride in its excellent interior moving path: an adult even can walk along standing upright. It does not only have to do with the height of the car body. It is rather a result of putting efforts into the coziness of the driver and passengers by restricting the protruding of trash pad. Such efforts generate the comments that the vehicle actually looks wider.

Tucson luggage storage

Offering tailored storage

In order for a vehicle to be acknowledged as another type of living space, a storage that corresponds to each and every situation is needed. Solati, which has been mentioned previously, applies an overhead console; this is because it will be used as business vehicles where people may need to put in and take out various documents whenever necessary. In addition, there is a console at the lower part of the passenger seat where tools and industrial devices can be stored. The all new Tucson, which is an outdoor car, has a 513L trunk space without folding the seat; for that reason, various devices and camping equipment can be sufficiently stored.
In terms of the cars’ strategic target of the overseas markets, Hyundai Motor has proposed storage space that corresponds to the lifestyle of the local people. Our i10 sold in India has a space fit for 1L at the front of the arm rest, taking into consideration the sweltering weather in the country. After analyzing the living pattern of the Chinese people, the strategic car for the Chinese market has provided tea bottle storage and a card holder since toll is collected in every road. This is an actual proof of the collaboration between the designer and the engineer in contemplating on the drivers’ perspective of comfort and optimal allocation of elements.

Sonata interior

Wide and Stylish Presentation

The most important part in the car’s interior package is the matter of acquiring a comfort space for the drivers. The designers and engineers at Hyundai Motor always think about this; they put efforts into developing a wide, but stylish interior.
The Indians, who wear turbans, prefer high cars. It is a natural result of the cultural feature. But, Hyundai Motor cannot give up sharp exterior style for the height. So, there was a need for collaboration between designers and engineers.
Generally speaking, designers and engineers are on the opposite side. It’s like the engineers giving a brake to the designer’s futuristic design due to technical problems. However, Hyundai Motor chose to have them work together from the beginning. The result of this collaboration is seen through i20 Coupe, which is popular in India. The car retains its high interior, but is 25 mm lower than the previous model, making the Coupe more stylish.

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