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Hyundai Motor’s final touch to a car design
The delicate and innovative lamp designs


Finishing touches: an old saying refers to finally drawing the eyes after drawing the dragon. This phrase means wrapping up a task completely after finishing the most critical part in the last stage. In a vehicle, the lamp is defined as these eyes.

A lamp is a functional device that lightens up the frontal view and sends off signals to cars to the rear, and at the same time, it is an important element that impacts the overall image of the vehicle depending on the lamp’s shape, color and light source. A lamp, which requires the designers’ emotional touch and engineers’ technology for beauty and excellent functionality, is the “finishing touch” for a car.

The destined encounter between design and cutting edge technology in a lamp


Aside from the basic function of lighting up the view for safe driving, the recently introduced lamps have shown more improvements. They emphasize the identity of the vehicle based on the introduction of a new light source and the development of various lighting technologies. Also, some of them are introduced in sensible design that focuses on their formation. Especially, since various elements like the location, size or details of the head lamps represent the vehicle’s identity, the car makers take into account the aesthetics of formation in order to make a slim lamp, which has become the recent trend.

Technically, the lamp in a vehicle is obliged to satisfy brightness, low energy consumption and high efficiency along with luminous intensity distribution, weight reduction and integration with the car body. That is why the lamp design not only requires a designer’s emotional expertise, but also an engineer’s technical support. Only with the “destined encounter” of the designer and engineer could a unique lamp be introduced.

Hyundai Motor’s efforts in making its own identity through new attempts

Vision G Coupe Concept, 2015

Vision G Coupe Concept, 2015

The lamps used to be flat, but now they are evolving as a dimensional design. Hyundai Motor, which is leading the automotive trend in the global market, has been taking on new challenges.

Concept car Santacruz lamp

A lamp that emits more in a smaller space

The recent fad in the slim design of a lamp reflects the changing needs of consumers. Since carmakers have to make a type of lamp that is slim, yet fulfills relevant regulations relating to the brightness and emission range. For that reason, Hyundai Motor’s designers and engineers put effort into coming up with a product that fulfills both functionality and design in a narrow lamp space by simply adjusting the reflection angle or efficiently leveraging the space.

static bending lamp, Sonata

New Technology
Efficient leverage of light source to brighten up the design and functionality

These days, lamps with new technology are being released; there are lamps that light up not only the frontal view but also the side view in advance by taking in account the driving path and there are also lamps that even adjust brightness according to the speed the car is traveling at. In addition to this, the lamps of beautiful design and technical excellence through the leverage of light source are also being developed.

Sonata 2.0 Turbo DRL

Hyundai Motor’s premium technology enjoyed in daily life

Hyundai Motor is generalizing its premium lamp technology so that it can be adopted in every single model of its cars. The daytime running light has become mandatory to prevent car accidents by signaling the location of a car to other cars and pedestrians in the daylight hours. Hyundai Motor has also adopted this in its cars. In addition, the static bending lamp and dynamic bending lamp have been placed in small sized cars so that the drivers can enjoy the premium technology in their daily lives.

Concept car Enduro frontal view

The future design generated from keen collaboration between the sentimental design and systematic engineers

The future car lamp will go beyond LED to new light sources including lasers. The design will also evolve by applying a matrix method or organic light emitting diode (OLED). In order to advance this, Hyundai Motor’s designers are promptly adapting themselves to very new lamp technology. In addition, engineers also collaborate with them closely for futuristic design.

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