The brilliant countdown

Kick off the New Year in style!
The brilliant countdown was devised to make your brilliant New Year moments more memorable

We look forward to spending New Year 2015 together

The brilliant countdown 2014, the third story

팝업 닫기

  • The first wish fulfilled through the 'Wish Liter'
    Genius artist Tae-ho Kim's intimate talk with the world

    The first wish to be achieved through the 'Wish Liter' was that of genius artist Tae-ho Kim, who observed the world with his father and communicates with the world through his outstanding paintings. The third countdown that Hyundai Motor spends with you, the brilliant countdown 2014, has become an event in which Tae-ho communicates with people through his paintings.

  • The second wish was the music concert held by Nam-Gul Kim for his friends around the world

    The eccentric composer and pianist Nam-Gul Kim, who listens to the voices of the world and then seeks to represent them in music, filled the M-Stage with his piano performance on New Year's eve, 2014. The tunes of Nam-Gul resounded in the air as the sky filled with wish balls, marking an unforgettable start to 2014.

New Year's countdown, 2013

  • A miracle realized through 10,000 wishes
    A touching performance by pianist Min-su Kim, who suffers from a developmental disorder

    Min-su Kim plays beautiful music on the piano solely through his hearing, without sheet music. Min-su received 30,000 supporters through an online campaign held prior to the event, and on the last day of 2012, he realized his dream. He had always dreamt of having a music recital, and Min-su stepped up onto the brilliant countdown stage and decorated the finale of 2012 with beautiful tunes.

  • Wish balls filled with hopes and dreams marked the countdown by flying up into the air

    For four days starting on December 27th to 31st 2012, the U street in Gangnam station shone brightly with dozens of wish balls filled with people’s wishes for the New Year. The moment the ball dropped, all the wish balls were freed into the air, welcoming us into the New Year.

Welcoming 2012 with a new record

  • Outdoor media art and laser show

    A laser show and media art show were held in large buildings in Gangnam station under the themes of ‘auto,’ ‘hope’ and ‘people’.

  • Wish balls

    Dozens of wish balls, filled with our wishes, marked the countdown by flying up to the sky.

  • Guerilla dance performance

    The main performance of the night began with the surprise appearance of the performance team, who had been hiding amongst the crowd.

  • New Year video clip

    Celebrity greetings for the New Year were delivered through large LED displays, most noticeably 'queen' Kim Yuna.

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