Innovative Mover

Innovation from Hyundai, for the future mobility

Hyundai Motor’s innovative technology
for future mobility

  • Spot Road Hazards

    What if your car could spot
    road hazards for you?

    What if your car has a technology to detect all the road hazards in urban environment?
    Hyundai Motor has unveiled its Autonomous Ioniq at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES),
    equipped with latest detection technology, while retaining the new car’s sleek design.
    Hyundai Motor Company presents to you, new era of autonomous technology

  • One Step Ahead

    Always one step ahead of the game.

    Complex driving environment requires driver’s fast decision making and responsiveness.
    Autonomous Ioniq detects and protects its driver even before driver notices hazardous driving situations on the road.
    Hyundai Motor Company steps forward to bring safe driving environment for everyone.

  • Better Footprint

    Leave a better footprint.

    Among the title of ‘World’s first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle’,
    Hyundai Motor Company’s efforts toward sustainable and efficient future mobility continues.
    FE Fuel Cell Concept will bring innovative value, contributing toward eco-friendly society.

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