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Sleek, Chic and Sophisticated. “MODERN Style”

“Modern Style look very grown up" - Michelle Duguid, ELLE Fashion Editor -

Ahead of the curve, you create rather than follow trends.

Sleek, chic and sophisticated, you have your finger on the cultural pulse of your city.

"Glide by in the knowledge that your car matches your intelligent, high-quality tastes.“

The meaning of modern is changing. Yes, your home is kitted out with the latest technology, but your mood is more back-to-basics than bells and whistles. When it comes to a car that has it all on the inside but doesn't feel flashy, there's no better choice than the Hyundai KONA. Think chic interiors with a sleek body design.

With a host of tech-savvy features like an head-up display, the Hyundai KONA matches your intelligent, high-quality tastes. Choose the understated Dark Knight body shade to slot seamlessly into your sophisticated aesthetic. Then get going - you've got no time to waste.

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