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Unafraid, Playful and Daring. “BOLD Style”

"The bold woman is a true individual," - Michelle Duguid, ELLE Fashion Editor -

Unafraid and playful, your style makes a statement as strong as your personality.

Confident and daring, you are the shining lights at every party.

"The car you drive should say as much about your personal style as any other aspect of your lifestyle.“

The car you drive should tell the world as much about your personal taste as your wardrobe does. With its unique design, the Hyundai KONA hits the mark. With the eye-catching sweep of its daytime running lights, the compact SUV will put you at the centre of the action - just the way you like it.

For the bold style, Tangerine Comet is the ideal shade to complement your daring personality and help you stand out from the crowd. Complete with high-contrast fender cladding, this is a car for people who don't shy away from attention. Are people staring? Let them.

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