Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery Season 3

Fresh interpretations on brilliant dream
Jayoung Chung & MIOON & Yeseung Lee & Jihoon Byun & Min Oh

Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery Season 3
  • The third theme of <Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery> is “brilliant dream”. The audience will experience special moments, so their forgotten dreams would shine once more just as a city’s brilliant light breaks the darkness of the city. Visit Sejong Hyndai Motorgallery and hear the stories of various authors with infinite imagination for dreams

  • The third theme of <Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery> is “brilliant dream”. The audience will experience special moments, so their forgotten dreams would shine once more just as a city’s brilliant light breaks the darkness of the city. Visit Sejong Hyndai Motorgallery and hear the stories of various authors with infinite imagination for dreams

Jayoung Chung, Meet the dreams that we miss

팝업 닫기


Void is an art piece that utilizes the spaces between the columns of Sejong Cultural Center for their separation and expansion. The five large screens introduce a surreal expansion of time and space that invites the audience to the train bound for the world of dream. The slow motion of dancers outside the train window that creates a juncture with the scenery fast passing by creates a stark contrast, producing a bizarre situation. The dancers’ fast and slow, regular and irregular movements start to have a rhythm and gradually increase the speed of the train. Before you know it, the train overcomes the limit of time and space entering the space of surreal time and space. At the moment of peak speed, everything stops and enters the state of vacuum, allowing us to meet the lost dreams, forgotten dreams and the dreams we miss.

About Artist Jayoung Chung

Jayoung Chung is a visual artist and a gayageum player, who creates sound interactive works based on motifs from the nature. New York and Korea are her working stage, and the audience can meet her works in various ways such as gallery, theater, public space, exhibition and performance, or even with audience participation.

MIOON, tearing down the boundary between dream and reality

<Dream relay>
팝업 닫기
<Dream relay>

<Dream relay>

Whereas Gwanghwamun Square, which has been the main stage of Korea's most historic events, symbolizes the real world, Sejong Center for the Performing Art located on the opposite side of it symbolizes the world of dreams. The authors wish to recreate a time and space where it is difficult to tell which side of the curtain or the window frame is actually a dream or reality, using the “curtain of the theater” and “the window frame” which connects the inside and outside of a building as a bride between Sejong Center, a symbol of dream, and Gwanghwamun Square, a symbol of reality. When the curtain of the theater is down, the situation beyond the curtain is imagined. The window frames of abnormal sizes and unimaginable locations make these two different worlds more attractive.

About Artist MIOON

MIOON is an artist duo made up of Min Kim and Moon Choi. They pay attention to the crowd of the city and the lives of the individuals in the crowd. Their main works include videos and media installation that send a message to society. They are working actively in and outside of Korea by participating group and solo exhibitions such as Germany’s ZKM, Liverpool Biennial, and Arko Art Center exhibitions.

Yeseung Lee, making us encounter our wishes and memories

팝업 닫기

<Dream in a dream>

<Dream in a dream> illuminates our life that crosses between the reality and the dream. We live making small and big wishes every day. Such wishes sometimes are granted, but other times the very memory itself disappears. <Dream in a dream> takes such diverse wishes of different walks of life in the past and the present as its motifs. Under Lee’s direction, many icons that appear as symbols of life’s wishes in the old oriental paintings and images of everyday life overlap as dreamlike images, making us encounter our wishes and memories that we have forgotten for a while.

About Artist Yeseung Lee

Yeseung Lee is an integrative artist famous for her active interaction and collaboration with a variety of mediums such as video, sound, and installation, as well as different genres including music, fashion, architecture, and science and technology. In recent years, she has been engaged in a series of large-size media installation works that creates an overlap between the virtual and the reality, constantly questioning about human cognition of the contemporary world and various social phenomena that we face in the media.

Jihoon Byun, the pathway to the hyper-realistic world

팝업 닫기

<A dream of seeing a waterfall at Gwanghwamun Square>

The non-realistic waterfall which exists at the heart of the city is the pathway to the hyper-realistic world. The visual energy of a huge waterfall infuses life’s energy in a barren and artificial city, drawing attention from viewers and leading them into a mysterious world of dream. We have always missed the nature in the era of high technology. In the future, people will also miss the nature living in the space of data. The artist intends to make Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery a window to meet such space of data, or a platform for encountering the non-material and material spaces.

About Artist Jihoon Byun

Jihoon Byun is a media artist who has searched for contemporary technological aesthetics through works based on programming languages. He has expanded the possibilities of technology as a medium for new artistic expressions with his research on change of human sensory experience and consciousness by technology. His work has been introduced in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

Min Oh, relieves the tension that has been built up so far

팝업 닫기


Tension is gradually built up over the course of planning and doing performance on stage. The more it gets closer to the end of performance, the more tension is built up. When the dancer takes a pose at the end of the performance, she relieves the tension that has been built up so far. He/she gradually relaxes, and the unseen colors begin to reveal themselves. The author aims to focus on the moment when one's greatest dream has just come true and its climax passes by, and seeks to find beauty in things we are getting deprived of. This work, thus, aims to observe the gesture, dynamics, and sensation of relaxation by focusing on the time when one's inspiration fades away after his/her 'dream' has come true.

About Artist Min Oh

Min Oh’ s work is focused on studying the sense of anxiety. Especially, performance is used as a means to look at human skills that have been developed to cope with anxiety, such as forecasting, planning, training, and organizing, and to observe the accompanying concentration, logic, structure, process, control, and tension.

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