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An ambitious original joint endeavor with artists

  • Biennale

    Explore art festivals for contemporary art

    Explore the ‘Venice Biennale’ and ‘Biennale of Sydney’ though the <Hyundai Meets> project. Biennale is the arena for international contemporary art held every two years. Curators and artists from around the world share their output about the global matters and the global art scene. From the ‘Venice Biennale’, also referred to as the “Contemporary art Olympics” to the ‘Sydney Biennale’ introducing the most interesting and exciting art from Australia and the globe, Hyundai Motor is a proud sponsor.

  • Venice Art Biennale 2017

    Venice Art Biennale 2017

    World’s greatest art festival

  • Hyundai Meets_Biennale of Sydney: Review

    Hyundai Meets_Biennale of Sydney: Review

    Seeing the Future with the Eyes of Art

  • Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery

    Innovative media art for everyone

    “Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery”, a collaborative project between Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and Hyundai Motor, is a long-term project that aims at providing people the opportunity to enjoy art in daily lives. With this project in place, the Media Façade across the Gwanghwamun Square will let you enjoy the high quality art works of local and foreign artists. Sejong Center for the Performing Arts’ building that has a strong Korean identity and the international artists’ challenge will reveal a new aspect of public art. Why not get inspired in the middle of the city?

  • About Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery

    About Sejong Hyundai Motorgallery

    Public art project at the heart of Seoul with Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

  • Global Art School Network

    Turning its engine on for people dreaming of art

    ‘ART-UNI-ON (AUO, Art-University-Online)’ aims to support the development of art school students across the globe. Hyundai Motor is on its journey with Seoul National University’s College of Fine Arts to help future art leaders. AUO begins with connecting internationally renowned experts who will act as AUO Mentors to students. As an online project, the program provides a dynamic network not only for its participants, but for everyone interested in art. Please cheer for the encounter of young rising stars, leaders and the audience of art world.

  • ART-UNI-ON, Lighting the Future

    ART-UNI-ON, Lighting the Future

    Global Art School Network