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Artist Lee Wan

<brilliant 30> is an art film project that examines the value of life and art through the eyes of artists and opinion leaders in the creative industry. The artistic significance behind this project lies beyond documenting the various stages of the artwork and its artist. <brilliant 30> records the artist’s voice, gesture, facial expression, throughout the entire fabrication process. Ranging from emerging artists to those with more established reputation, <brilliant 30> relay meaning and source of inspiration behind the conception of their works.

By introducing the process of making an experimental, cutting-edge contemporary piece to the public, the artist leaves room for interpretation and engages in a dialog with its viewers. <brilliant 30> shifts away from the conventional, essay-driven understanding of an artwork and moves a step closer to the viewers as being active producers of meaning. <brilliant 30> seeks to sustain artistic value and philosophy behind an artwork while narrowing the gap between contemporary art and the public.

Artist Éléonore Saintagnan

<brilliant 30>’s first season started with 30 Korean artists participating in the exhibition <TOMORROW 2014> which took place at DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza). With the aim to promote international exchange, this year, insights of three French artists together with three Korean artists will be shared in accordance with the celebration of 130 years of diplomatic relations between France and Korea.

These short but innovative voices from young and passionate artists encompass new beginnings, inspirational elements, and brilliant moments worth sharing.

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