ART-UNI-ON, Lighting the Future


‘ART-UNI-ON (AUO)’ is created for the development of art school students across the globe. As the role of young artists becomes ever more important, the development of their worldly knowledge and potential is increasingly necessary. Hyundai Motor is pleased to collaborate with Seoul National University’s College of Fine Arts to help future art leaders.
ART-UNI-ON is a progressive, online platform that promotes both on- and off-line education. It is a platform for active feedback and facilitates communication between artists, art professionals and the public.

Targeting future leaders currently studying in art schools around the world, AUO allows mentors to provide direct feedback, making it possible to give practical support beyond theoretical academics. This mentoring process will also be open to the public online. We look forward to seeing the level of international exchange between universities and participants develop into ever more dynamic activities.
The mentoring program will run throughout the entire year.

AUO Mentoring and AUO Artists

AUO Mentoring Program

The AUO mentoring program began in July, 2015. The site opened on June 1st, 2015 and first quarter applications were due by June 30th, 2015. All art school students are eligible to participate. Five AUO Artists get selected in each quarter, for a total of 20 AUO Artists for the year.

Starting from July 2015, the globally renowned experts such as Lee Yongbaek (Venice Biennale 2011), Suh Jinseok (Director, Nam June Paik Art Center), Shin Boseul (Chief Curator, Total Museum), Wang Chunchen (Head Curator, CAFA Art Museum) will participate in this program as AUO Mentors.

The AUO Mentors will discuss and assign three AUO Mentors to each AUO Artist. The process will be posted online, enabling the public to observe and join in the conversation. The project, above all, will operate as a place of open communication. We hope students also learn by interacting amongst themselves.
AUO aims to prepare participants to enter the international art world by developing potential and practical capabilities.

AUO Mentoring

After AUO Mentors’ careful scrutinization, the first five AUO Artists were selected to join in the 1st mentoring session for 3 months; Rosa Kim, Hui Ae Kim, Jisung Yi, Hyeseong Lee, Sunguk Ha. Any currently enrolled (undergraduate/graduate) student in any major who does art works can apply the 2nd mentoring session as well and they can upload their portfolio from upcoming September, 2015.

AUO Advisors, Guiding our Future Leaders

AUO Advisors

The advisors of AUO have been selected with thoughtful consideration. They are experts in their art field and include some of the world’s greatest humanities scholars. The opportunity for participants to learn from their insights will be priceless. The advisors lead the program in a positive direction; their advice and vision for art will be posted in the section “The Voice.”

1. Ufan Lee, Artist
1936. 6. 24 (Korea)
1961 B.A in Philosophy, Nihon University

1973~ Professor of Tama Art University, Japan
Lee Ufan is Korean-Japanese painter and sculpture who is renowned as the leading artist of ‘Monoha.’ The profound consideration of human and nature puts together his works. Having been invited to countless international exhibitions, he is one of the most influential artists. <From Line>(1984), <Relatum>(1988), <Correspondence>(1996) are representative series of his work.

2. Hyosang Seung, Architect
1952. 10. 26 (Korea)
1979 M.A in Architecture, Seoul National University
1975 B.A in Architecture, Seoul National University

2014. 9~ Seoul’s official architect
2011 Co-artistic directors of the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale
1989~ president of IROJE architects & planners
Seung Hyosang is one most important Korean architects practicing today. He has been leading his works with his philosophical base, ‘Emptiness.’ Representing this oriental aesthetics, he gained international recognition through many famous buildings such as <the grave of the late former President of Korea, Roh Moo-hyun> in Kimhae, Chao-Wei SOHO project in Beijing. Seung received various awards and has held a number of solo exhibitions globally. Currently he is the president of IROJE architects & planners.

3. Bien-U Bae, Photographer
1950. 5. 22 (Korea)
1977 M.F.A in Industrial Arts Design, Hongik University
1974 B.F.A in Applied Arts, Hongik University

1981~2011 Professor of the Department of Photography, Seoul Institute of the Arts
1988~1989 Studied at the Department of Photograph Design, Bielefeld University, Germany
Renowned as a professional photographer of ‘Pine Trees,’ he has shot landscapes including oceans, Jeju Island, Korean palaces, and wind as black and white photos. His photographs have meditative and majestic moods, and this character overwhelmed viewers. In addition, Bae gained international praises because his photography contains Korean aesthetics very well. He has been shown in many authorized exhibitions and his works are collected by famous collectors.

4. Paola Antonelli, Senior curator of MoMA
1963 (Italy)
1990 M.A in Architecture, Polytechnic of Milan

2012 Director of a new Research and Development Initiative at MoMA
Paola Antonelli is currently the senior curator of the Department of Architecture & Design at MoMA, New York. Recently, she was named as one of the 100 most powerful people in the art world by ‘Art Review.’ Antonelli was the editor of many design magazines and a lecturer at Harvard, California University and many other European Universities. Curating various exhibitions, she works with the ties in design and architecture.

5. Anna Valtonen Dean of Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture
2007 Doctor of Arts degree at the University of Art and Design Helsinki

2014 Dean at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
2009 Rector of the UmeåInstitute of Design at Umeå University in Sweden
Anna Valtonen is the current Dean of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland. She is an expert of the history of Finland’s design and how design canoperate withorganizations. She was a visiting researcher at ESSEC Business School, and from 1997 to 2009, she was working on various projects in Nokia as a researcher. Valtonen gained international reputation for her profound understanding of design and as an expert who can combine design and practical industries.

6. John Rajchman, Professor of Columbia University
1946. 6. 25
Ph. D Columbia University
B.A Yale University
John Rajchman is a philosopher specialized in the areas of history of art, architecture and philosophy. He taught at Princeton University, MIT and now he is a professor in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University. He became globally renowned with his studies of Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault. Analyzing contemporary art and architecture in his philosophical perspective, he is leading the way for many artists and scholars.


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