Turbine Festival: one city, one day

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Turbine Festival

Turbine Hall becomes new cultural city

Turbine Festival

Imagine for a moment the Tate Modern, the heart of contemporary art in the UK, transformed into a playground. Before unveiling Hyundai Motor and Tate Modern’s first collaborative exhibition on Abraham Cruzvillegas this October, the Turbine Hall will be home to a culture and arts festival on July 25.

The Turbine Festival, co-organized by Tate Modern and Hyundai Motor, demonstrates the company’s belief that culture belongs to everyone and can become a driving force for technology and history. Highlighting how individuals and communities are comprised of and encompass culture of multiple generations, the festival will turn Turbine Hall into a cultural city for a day.

Turbine Hall has been a fixed point in the international art world since Olafur Eliasson’s installation of an overwhelming sun in The Weather Project. Grounded on the idea of a cultural festival and the “construction” of a city, the Turbine Festival will feature music, performances, installations and other programming. On 25th July, all the day from 12:30pm to 9:30pm, at this festival that anyone can participate and enjoy, there will be such great programs as writing a poem, craft workshop, and learning beatbox in addition to a variety of artists’ performances. Its space inside will include a garden, a hair salon and a bar to present pleasure and truly recreate a feeling of community.

Turbine Festival Program
#1 Stage-Performance

  • Photo Credits: Afrikan Boy © Hassan Hajjaj

    Photo Credits: Afrikan Boy © Hassan Hajjaj

    Mission to the Land of Misplaced Words is a performance that interprets language through the visual and auditory senses. A number of interviews recorded on the day of the festival will be on display with impromptu sound technology.

    [Afrikan Boy]
    Hip hop, AfroPop, Grime rapper Afrikan Boy fuses London grime and classic sounds from Nigeria. His performance reflects his layered identity. Olushola Ajose, who is known as Afrikan Boy, is performing as Grime MC at the moment in London and raising his fame.

    [Throwing Shade]
    London-based producer Throwing Shade is well known for her energetic live performances. Her sound has been described as “cosmic R&B” and “digital soul.” Her music covers the ground between seductive downbeat pop, pulsing club music and contemporary leftfield electronic.

  • Photo Credits: Jess Thom (Touretteshero) © Sam Robinson

    Photo Credits: Jess Thom (Touretteshero) © Sam Robinson

    [PechaKucha Presentations]
    PechaKucha, meaning gossip in Japanese, is a style of presentation that shows 20 slides in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The presentations will ask thematic questions to participating artists, and will result in a unique artwork based on their responses.

    [Jess Thom (Touretteshero)]
    Touretteshero’s co-founder Jess Thom creates work that reclaims conditions of Tourette’s Syndrome with subjects that are both curious and creative. The performance one tic at a time shows how laughter can change the world.

    [Jacob Sam-La Rose and the Barbican Young Poets]
    Jacob Sam-La Rose is a poet, widely known for his vivid and masterful use of language. He is a mentor to young and emerging poets, and is in charge of the workshop “These Streets are Made for Talking.” He gathers ideas from participants and recreates them into a performance.

  • Photo Credits: Evan Ifekoya Disco Ball Hang up 2014 © Angela Dennis

    Photo Credits: Evan Ifekoya Disco Ball Hang up 2014 © Angela Dennis

    [Juneau Projects]
    The work of Juneau Projects, formed in 2001 by Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler, consists of sound, music, animation, projection and installation. Interested in the rapidly increasing speed of technological development, the founders have recently carried out unique performances, in which performance overlaps with installation.

    [Evan Ifekoya]
    FREE2Dance is based on Russian anarchist and feminist Emma Goldman’s quote: “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” The performance will lead people to dance openly and without inhibition.

  • Photo Credits: Hobbit Image

    Photo Credits: Hobbit Image

    Beatbox artist Hobbit earned his reputation from Glastonbury Festival and performances held at Times Square in New York, winning multiple UK and US Beatbox Championships. He will present a new thrilling performance again this time at the Turbine Festival.

    [Felix Thorn]
    Felix Thorn is an artist who deconstructs real objects to create new experiences with movement, music and light. In this festival, he builds “machines” for live performance, commercials and theater.

    [Data Jam with i-DAT]
    i-DAT reinterprets conversations, ideas and projects which will be created into dynamic visuals, so called "Data Jam with i-DAT", to be projected on the walls.

#2 Participatory Programs / Workshops

  • Photo Credits: John Costi

    Photo Credits: John Costi

    [John Costi]
    Born in London in 1987, the artist John Costi works in film, spoken word, installation and performance to share his concerns on identity, and social and criminal justice. In his performance, participants are led to board a 2-2’s London Bus, generating a playful atmosphere.

    [Disabled Avant Guard]
    The Disabled Avant Guard (DAG) creates work that addresses disabilities. Reverse Mendicants is a project that asks for money from the public, then gives back to the public, reflecting the subject of wealth redistribution.

  • Photo Credits: Crowns of Confidence

    Photo Credits: Crowns of Confidence

    [Yuri Suzuki]
    Sound artist Yuri Suzuki records sounds from various objects to make them into artworks. The artist contemplates relationships between certain sounds and the documentation of them. Visitors are invited to design their own album jackets in the Imaginary Record Shop.

    [Rachael Young]
    Rachel Young’s participatory performative workshop Crown of Confidence takes place in a hair salon. The artist recreated the wall of a hair salon and built an audio installation based on typical salon conversations. The workshop provides an opportunity to explore self-identity through hairdressing.

#3 Special Program

Chris Ullens, Hey Now; Jessica Ashman, The Cycle; Anna Maguire and Claire Pepper, Trigonometry; Yoav Segal, Crow

[Turbine Festival Cinema]
The Turbine Festival Cinema will screen 27 short films in collaboration with the London Short Film Festival. The total running time of the films is 97 minutes, which will loop throughout the day so visitors can catch them all.

[Hunt & Darton Cafe]
Hunt & Darton Cafe encourages playful participation and meaningful social encounters. The cafe will serve food for those who are seeking surprising art pieces or a relaxing place to spend the afternoon. This project is to make the café as iconic and socially important as possible for creative productivity and conversation.


Turbine Festival

This is our museum, your museum; My Culture Museum is a statement of culture as a common wealth. Submit a photograph of what represent your own culture at #MyCultureMuseum to participate online, and add your insight into My Culture Museum collection which will promote teaching, learning, and understanding of culture as a common wealth.
Carefully selected images among #MyCultureMuseum collection will be printed and displayed at Turbine Hall from 25th July ~ August.

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