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  • Bloomberg

    Bloomberg and Hyundai Motor, explore artist ideas

    Bloomberg, a leader in analyzing the global economy and the finance market, will look into art with Hyundai Motor. Money and transportation are not the only things which move the world. Artists, who inspire and question people and the society with their own creative language, also take important parts in leading the world. Museums are getting bigger, and the fields of artists are getting wider, it can now be said that art is within our daily lives. Bloomberg and Hyundai Motor share the value of art by creating a TV program delivering brilliant ideas of the art scene. See how world-renowned works started and explore groundbreaking ideas and thoughts behind artists' creative activities.

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    Bloomberg Brilliant Ideas: Introduction

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  • Brilliant Ideas Episode #40: Antony Gormley

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #40: Antony Gormley

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