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<Dialogue> 2009 Polyester resin, stainless steel, light, marble pebbles 243cm×variable measurements Collection Copperhill Mointain Lodge,Are,Sweden

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Brilliant Ideas
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Brilliant Ideas

Hyundai Motor and global media group Bloomberg launched a collaborative project <Brilliant Ideas>. With a passion for art, Hyundai and Bloomberg have been a strong supporter for arts. <Brilliant Ideas> realizes a new vision to profile major art personalities to deliver exciting insight. Through Bloomberg TV and digital, you can experience artists' spirit, perspectives on art, and processes of their art work.

Although you can now see art works easily in museums and art events, meeting artists is a scarce experience. Then how can one feel close to their minds? What are the voices and faces behind the incredible art works that amaze the global audience? <Brilliant Ideas> carefully selects the artists from over Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East. Selected artists deal with wide range of mediums including sculpture, installation, and performances. These artists speak to the viewers in-depth about their stories according to their own artistic characteristics. We hope it is an excellent opportunity to closely understand their artistic insight.

By listening to the artists’ thoughts, perspectives directly, through their own voices, you will feel closer to their minds.

Michael Joo <Locale Inscribed (Walking in the desert with Eisa towards the sun looking down)> 2014-2015 Mixed media dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist. Image provided by Kukje Gallery
Grayson Perry <All Men are Bastards> 2001 45×27×27cm

The program series is offered across Bloomberg media platforms including television and digital; it is shot in artist studios, galleries, museums and places where it is possible to explore the true impact of artist stories. The primary focus of the show is the artists. By listening to their thoughts, perspectives directly, through their own voices, you will feel closer to their minds.

The turner prize winner, a British ceramic artist Grayson Perry, a British artist Cornelia Parker who expresses the frailty of life through installation and sculpture, Korean American artist Michael Joo who won the prize in the 2006 Gwangju Biennale, and New Zealand’s conceptual artist Simon Denny are some of the many who are invited to <Brilliant Ideas>. Enjoy the stories of the artists who will introduce you to a world of brilliant ideas.

Brilliant Ideas Episode #62: Liu Wei

Liu Wei works in multiple genres, including painting, sculpture, installation and photography to convey sociopolitical stories such as the development of cities, transformation of landscapes, and the ironies of the 21st century contemporary society. Geometric forms and architectural elements used in his works function as references to the surrounding urban environment. As demonstrated in <Power>(2011) or <Merely a Mistake>(2009-2012), Liu gathers discarded construction materials and urban trashes like wooden beams, door frames or metal bolts from around Beijing, and then transforms them into art materials. That is to say, the artist re-contextualizes abandoned materials into complex installations or sculptures. By doing so, he designates new identities as artworks to these previously insignificant “ready-mades.”
Liu Wei describes himself as “a pure artist,” because he develops each work independently without caring much about how his work will be received by others and reflecting philosophical elements or his personal opinions. Liu Wei graduated from National Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, China, and held a number of solo and group exhibitions around the world, including Seoul, Shanghai, Paris, San Francisco, and Doha. He has also been introducing his art world to a greater audience through participations in the ‘Sharjah Biennale’, ‘Busan Biennale’ and the ‘51st Venice Biennale.’

Brilliant ideas episode #61: FX Harsono

Born in 1949, FX Harsono is a contemporary artist who reflects in his work, his motherland Indonesia’s society and its current issues. Since his student days, he has maintained a critical view of Indonesian politics, society and culture. He works in a wide range of genres, from painting and calligraphy to performance and installation art, while updating his artistic language to the current society and new cultural context. In the 1970s when Indonesia was under the rule of an iron fist, Harsono did not hesitate to speak up against the government despite the dangers of doing so. For example, he was one of the core members of the “New Art Movement,” through which he cried, “Fine Art of Emancipation, Emancipation of Fine Art.” His active work had a great impact on the changes in the Indonesian contemporary art scene. In particular, Harsono did not turn away from the oppression and massacre committed against the minorities but addressed them in his artworks instead. He has been pointing out social irrationalities apparent in the context of history and politics and highlighting the infringement of human rights.
The 2000s has been a time of drastic transformation for Harsono because he began to shift his artistic focus from nation, society and politics to the discovery of the self. Exploration of the “self” is the new core of FX Harsono’s artistic realm.

Brilliant ideas episode #60: Sonia Boyce

Sonia Boyce is a British Afro-Caribbean artist who currently lives and works in London. Influenced by her experiences of living in the United Kingdom as a black woman, Boyce has been addressing the issues of race and gender through various artistic media and has also been trying to incorporate them into our daily lives. Earlier in her career, she worked with themes that reflect her own identity—black race and women—and produced large-scale pastel drawings or photo collages. Boyce’s work eventually shifted to merge different kinds of genres, including photography, collage, film, drawing, installation and sound. To Boyce, art is a means of social practice, and she believes that critical debates on this perspective can take place. This is why she emphasizes in her works the importance of participation and collaboration between people living in different circumstances, like creators (artists or performers) and audience, for example.
In February 2017, Sonia Boyce presented <Wallpaper / Performance> at Eastside Projects in Birmingham with skateboarders and ukulele players. An invited audience, participants, and skateboarders freely improvised performances for this project. Wallpapers made by Boyce were applied to the walls of the performance set. The performances at Eastside Project were recorded on video so the artist can produce additional wallpapers, skateboards and video clips using them, which are to follow as a series.

Brilliant ideas Episode #59: Damián Ortega

From political cartoons to sculptures and performance, Damián Ortega’s art world is diverse and extensive. Born in Mexico, Ortega studies political, economic and cultural meanings implied in mundane objects, and applies the results of his investigation to his work. He is “talented” in mischievously transforming daily objects such as pickaxes, bricks or garbage cans and making them dysfunctional. For example, one of his representative works, <Cosmic Thing> (2002) is an installation of an automobile suspended in mid-air, following processes of disassembly and reassembly. This hanging sculpture appears as though the artist has captured the very moment of a car explosion, and the work reminds the viewers that an automobile is like a universe in that a single car is built with countless different parts. Moreover, the installation encourages people to think about the forces that fundamentally compose the world we live in. In Ortega’s world, “meaning” is not determined by a single entity but rather by the relationship among multiple matters. He observes the world with a uniquely critical point of view, yet presents lyrical and harmonious works. Ortega currently lives and works in Mexico City and Berlin.

Brilliant ideas Episode #58: Nicholas Hlobo

Nicholas Hlobo is a South African artist living and working in Johannesburg. Upon graduation from Technikon Witwatersrand in 2002 with a degree in fine art, Hlobo has been working across various genres including painting, sculpture, installation and performance.
The artist uses materials such as ribbon, rubber, leather and wood because he believes that raw materials are charged with symbolic meanings and powers. Hlobo works by stitching and weaving together these materials. He emphasizes that all choices and procedures involved in art making are meaningful, from material selection to artistic technique. This philosophy is exemplified in Hlobo’s use of personification that distinguishes between materials and artistic techniques, with the former being categorized as masculine and the latter feminine.
In 2011, Nicholas Hlobo participated in the 54th Venice Biennale, where he exhibited All the Lightning Birds Are After Me, an installation of a giant flying rubber dragon made by stitching tire inner tubes with red ribbons.

Brilliant Ideas Episode #57: SUIKO

SUIKO is a celebrated street artist based in Hiroshima, with background in visual design. His fashionable graffiti focuses on letters, made vibrant with expressive and bubbly figures, dynamic lines, and brilliant colors. He travels throughout Japan, Europe and other parts of Asia to collaborate with other artists whose artistic career, style, and cultural backgrounds are different from those of his. In the process, SUIKO makes note of artistic elements that he is particularly drawn to from these artists, such as their usages of colors, lines, or forms, and adopts them in his own way in his practice. SUIKO’s works are thus enriched through such artistic collaborations. The artist’s unique graffiti style developed out of his combination of calligraphy and Ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese art using woodblock prints. According to the artist, he is stimulated by the scenery, texture of the wall, sounds and other factors from the environment when he stands before a wall, but the white canvas is never changing and thus finds it more and more difficult to work with. SUIKO currently lives and works in Japan, and is considered one of the most outstanding graffiti artists in his country.

Brilliant ideas Episode #56: Phyllida Barlow

Phyllida Barlow is the representing artist of Great Britain at the 57th Venice Biennale. Currently on view at the British Pavilion is her work Folly, which playfully challenges the audience to explore their own understandings of sculpture. Barlow’s sculptures, which inhabit the entire pavilion and extend beyond the exhibition space, are observed from multiple perspectives by the audience. Evidently, the artist primarily values the relationship between the exhibition space and her works. In the past, Barlow installed her sculptures around various locations in London, including King’s Cross Station and public parks, and then carefully examined how people, the environment and her works respond to one another.
Over the course of 40 years of her artistic career, Barlow used relatively inexpensive materials such as cardboard, wood, fiber, plaster, cement or synthetic resin to create her colossal sculptures. Her bold, colorful and 3D collage-like sculptures appear as if they may collapse any moment, and this sense of instability prompts uneasiness among the audience. Such is what makes Phyllida Barlow’s works often comparable to monuments that have been settled in one place for years.

Brilliant Ideas Episode #55: Pipilotti Rist

A pioneer of video arts and multimedia installations, Pipilotti Rist is a renowned contemporary artist who works internationally as the whole globe is the source of her of artistic inspiration. Her works envelop the viewers in kaleidoscopic projections that fuse the natural world with technology. The artist’s works also interweave the physical and spiritual realms, thus creating what have been called near-psychedelic experiences. With rich expressions of sensual experiences, Rist discloses the secret desires of people while also playfully twisting the familiar senses and bringing out uncomfortable feelings from ordinarily accepted things in life. She breaks down the barriers between public and private spaces, and presents fantastic and unrealistic scenes as well. Using video, music, light effects and objects, the artist practices ‘the idea’ that we can escape from the already explored geographical world, images or films and delve into new and unexplored spaces. Rist believes that art should contribute to evolution, encourage the mind, open up new possibilities, and destroy clichés and prejudices of the society. Pipilotti Rist thus deserves the title “pioneer and leader of multimedia art.”

Brilliant Ideas Episode #54: Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is inarguably one of the most significant and influential conceptual artists in the world today. He works with various media and has been even expanding his artistic territory to documentary film and architecture. Ai was born in China in 1957, when the communist regime was at its peak in the country. Upon his relocation to New York in 1981, the artist declared himself as heir to Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol, who had led contemporary art movements at the frontline. To practice his Chinese heritage, Ai employs historical materials in his works, including Han Dynasty vases or wood from demolished temples. He not only bears witness to the Communist China of the past but also to China and the world in the contemporary age, and thereby testifies to their political and ideological struggles. The boldness evident in his works is a metaphor for audacity required in fighting against injustice. While Ai’s works are bold and powerful, humor and compassion are also key elements always implied in his works. Like any other activist, the artist willingly takes risks to be part of the force that creates social changes, particularly through his artistic practice. Ai Weiwei thus delivers hope and courage to the audience and the public to foster positive changes for a better world.

Brilliant Ideas Episode #53: Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama

Known as a Japanese avant-garde artist, Yayoi Kusama is famous for her hallucinating works using loops and dots that refer to infinity. She is one of the most influential postwar period artists of the New York art scene. Kusama repeats themes like psychology, feminism, obsession, sex, destruction, and has firmly established her own artistic world related with her hallucination and obsession issues and her childhood experiences. Kusama is continuing her artistic career internationally and is expending beyond sculpture and installation into performance, literature, fashion, and design.
Born in 1929 in Matsumoto city, Japan, Yayoi Kusama briefly studied art at the Kyoto Municipal College of Arts and Crafts, and moved to the United States in 1957. Until 1977, she was very active in New York, Seattle and other cities, then she came back to Japan and now she continues her career in Tokyo. She had many solo and group exhibitions in art museums and galleries including Victoria Miro in London, Opera Gallery in New York, Whitestone Gallery in Hong Kong, and Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. Moreover, she exhibited <Narcissus Garden> at ‘the 33rd Venice Biennale’ in 1966, and participated in the Japanese Pavilion at ‘the 45th Venice Biennale’ in 1993.

Brilliant Ideas Episode #52: Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota is famous for art works that are delicate, poetic but monumental at the same time. As a child, she had found a burnt piano which didn’t make any sound, and it made her dream of becoming an artist. Now she expresses the themes of remembrance and oblivion, dreaming and sleeping, traces of the past and childhood, and dealing with anxieties by crossing over many genres such as installation, paintings, drawings, and performance. The room-filling art works with daily-life objet and even the artist herself connected with the black or red threads remind the viewers of a giant spider web, and the works deeply impress the audience.
Born 1972 in Osaka, Japan, Chiharu Shiota went to Kyoto Seika University, and to Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany, and continues her career in Berlin. She had numerous group and solo exhibitions in many art institutions around the world, such as Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, MoMA, New York, National Museum of Osaka, Japan. Moreover, she participated in the 56th Venice Biennale as the artist for Japan, and the 20th Sydney Biennale.

Brilliant Ideas Episode #51: Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth is famous for large-size photography which depicts the scene with lush colors and amazing details. His earlier works reflected urbanization and architectural changes capturing the industrial cities and deserted streets in black and white. Recently, he has been reflecting the relationship between the metropolis like New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago and people. One of the most popular works is the ‘Museum’ series which shows museum scenes with many spectators. It gives the viewers the feeling that they are participating in the scene.
Thomas Struth was born in 1954, Germany, and studied photography from Bernd and Hilla Becher. He presented at the 44th Venice Art Biennale in 1999 and Kassel Documenta IX in 1992, and had many group and solo exhibitions across the world including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin and Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid. In 2016, he was awarded with the centenary medal of the Royal Photographic Society.

Brilliant Ideas Episode #50: Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno could be referred to as a contemporary artist, a film producer and an author. Based on the various references, he crosses over different media such as film, video, sound, sculpture, performance, and information technology. Travelling through reality and fiction he creates exhibitions as organic subjects by exploring and redefining the experiences happening inside the exhibition space, and produces an ever-changing environment. Moreover, Philippe Parreno identifies exhibitions as the creation activity itself rather than just a way of displaying objects.
Born in 1964, Philippe Parreno is currently living and working in Paris. He has had numerous solo exhibitions across the globe including in Moscow, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and London. From 2013 to 2014, his exhibition <Anywhen, Anywhere, Out of the World> was held at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and he also participated in the ‘56th Venice Biennale’. In 2016, Philippe Parreno was announced as the second artist of the Hyundai Commission. <Hyundai Commission 2016: Philippe Parreno: Anywhen> was on view at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall from October 4th 2016 to April 2nd 2017.

Brilliant Ideas Episode #49: Charles Lim

Charles Lim

Charles Lim is a multi-genre artist and a film director who encompasses various genres of art including film, sound, text, drawing, photography, and installation. Since 2005, he is continuing the project called “SEA STATE” which explores the biophysical, political, and psychic contours of the Southeast Asian city-state, and the project structure is influenced by the code for measuring sea conditions by the World Meteorological Organization. Recalling Land Art Movement in the 1970s, his work suggests a new perspective on the everyday surroundings by presenting uncharted scenery, disappearing islands, and imaginary borderlines of the future landmass of Singapore.
Born in 1973, in Singapore, Charles Lim lives and works based in his motherland. He has presented the project, “SEA STATE” at Manifesta 7, Institut d’Art Contemporain Villeurbanne, Singapore Art Museum, biennales in Singapore, Shanghai, and Osaka, and the Singapore Pavilion at the ‘56th Venice Biennale’.

  • Photo: Elísabet Davids

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #48: Ragnar Kjartansson

    Warm Nihilist Singing the Sorrow

  • Brilliant Ideas Episode #47: Wilhelm Sasnal

    Artist reorganizing events and memories

  • Sun Xun

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #46: Sun Xun

    Animator across the border of something and nothing

  • Kimsooja

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #45: Kimsooja

    Artist connecting people with a needle and thread

  • Random International

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #44: Random - International

    New World of Human-Centered Technology

  • Maggi Hambling

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #43: Maggi Hambling

    Artist of Exuberant Energy of Life

  • Sopheap Pich

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #42: Sopheap Pich

    Weaving Memories and Creating Freedom

  • William Kentridge

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #41: William Kentridge

    Lyrical Art, Brutal Reality

  • Antony Gormley

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #40: Antony Gormley

    Artist who stacks layers inside of himself

  • Tiffany Chung

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #39: Tiffany Chung

    Layers of history and culture laid out on maps

  • Do Ho Suh

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #38: Do Ho Suh

    Creator who constructs floating space

  • Samson Young

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #37: Samson Young

    Artist who paints with sounds

  • Martin Creed

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #36: Martin Creed

    Experiment of extraordinary art

  • Elmgreen & Dragset

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #35: Elmgreen & Dragset

    Artist duo of creative inspiration and reversed images

  • Cao Fei

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #34: Cao Fei

    Alchemist of Communication

  • Marc Quinn

    Photo: Marc Quinn Studio

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #33: Marc Quinn

    Artist who explores beautifulness

  • Olafur Eliasson

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #32: Olafur Eliasson

    Artist who embraces the nature and crosses the Mother Nature

  • Abdoulaye Konaté

    Photo: Simon Broughton

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #31: Abdoulaye Konaté

    Master of West Africa contemporary art

  • Cai Guo-Qiang

    ⓒ Cai Studio

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #30: Cai Guo-Qiang

    Artist communicating with tremendous energy

  • KAWS

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #29: KAWS

    Back and forth between commerciality and purity

  • Michael Craig-Martin

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #28: Michael Craig-Martin

    Vanguard of British Conceptual Art

  • Choe U Ram

    Photo: Hwang Yu Sik

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #27: Choe U Ram

    Sculpting stories through art and science

  • Marina Abramović

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #26: Marina Abramović

    Performance artist awakening viewers with her body

  • Ahn Kyuchul

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #25: Ahn Kyuchul

    Fabricator who calls and rouses memories

  • Ali Banisadr

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #24: Ali Banisadr

    Chaotic Sound on the Canvas

  • Heri Dono

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #23: Heri Dono

    Fantasy Storyteller Talking About Reality

  • N.S. Harsha

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #22: N.S. Harsha

    Storyteller who talks India

  • Wangechi Mutu

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #21: Wangechi Mutu

    An Artist Who Presents Africa

  • Conrad Shawcross

    Photo Credit by Carolina Mazzolari

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #20: Conrad Shawcross

    Artist who directs coexistence of science and art

  • Diana Thater

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #19: Diana Thater

    Artist who is studying art by technology

  • Zhang Huan

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #18: Zhang Huan

    Collector who collects individual lives

  • Simon Denny

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #17: Simon Denny

    Making Artworks with Hidden Company Philosophies

  • Lee Bul

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #16: Lee Bul

    Small, Evolving, Giant

  • Xu Bing

    Xu Bing at New York 2010 Courtesy of Xu Bing Studio

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #15: Xu Bing

    Linguistic wizard who embodies equality

  • Theaster Gates

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #14: Theaster Gates

    Real estate artist, adding art to life

  • Abraham Cruzvillegas

    Andrew Dunkley ©TATE 2015

    Brilliant Ideas Episode #13: Abraham Cruzvillegas

    Bringing life to nature and objects

  • Subodh Gupta

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #12: Subodh Gupta

    Exploring Art Through the Ordinary

  • Jaume Plensa

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #11: Jaume Plensa

    Artist Awakens Space

  • Ellen Gallagher

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #10: Ellen Gallagher

    Finding balance between conception and abstraction

  • Francesco Clemente

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #9: Francesco Clemente

    Pioneer of the Italian Transavantgarde

  • Bharti Kher


    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #8: Bharti Kher

    An alchemist of a spectrum

  • Danny Lane

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #7: Danny Lane

    Sculpting brilliance in the name of light

  • Portrait of Luke Jerram by Paul Box

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #6: Luke Jerram

    Bringing down the boundary between reality and imagination

  • Mariko Mori

    Photograph by David Sims

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #5: Mariko Mori

    Multitalented artist sailing through different art universes

  • Yinka Shonibare

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #4: Yinka Shonibare

    Artist foreseeing the ages with a lively and vibrant perspective

  • Michael Joo

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #3: Michael Joo

    Enigmatic artist, creating the works through unique interpretation

  • Cornelia Parker

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #2: Cornelia Parker

    The artist who brings light to grey objects in life

  • Grayson Perry

    Brilliant Ideas Episode
    #1: Grayson Perry

    The unpredictable figure, making what he enjoys

  • Grayson Perry <All Men are Bastards> 2001 45×27×27cm

    Grayson Perry <All Men are Bastards> 2001 45×27×27cm
  • Grayson Perry <Barbaric Splendour> 2003 Glazed ceramic 67×35cm

    Grayson Perry <Barbaric Splendour> 2003 Glazed ceramic 67×35cm
  • Grayson Perry <Discreetly Branded> 1999 57×28×28cm

    Grayson Perry <Discreetly Branded> 1999 57×28×28cm
  • Grayson Perry <Map of Truths and Beliefs> 2011 Courtesy of the artist and Victoria Miro Gallery

    Grayson Perry <Map of Truths and Beliefs> 2011 Courtesy of the artist and Victoria Miro Gallery
  • Grayson Perry <Map of Nowhere> 2008

    Grayson Perry <Map of Nowhere> 2008
  • Cornelia Parker <Pavement Cracks(City of London)> 2012 Black patinated bronze 206×152×9cm

    Cornelia Parker <Pavement Cracks(City of London)> 2012 Black patinated bronze 206×152×9cm
  • Cornelia Parker <Unsettled> 2012-2103

    Cornelia Parker <Unsettled> 2012-2103
  • Cornelia Parker <Transitional Object II> 2008 Net, hooks, thread and bags of lead

    Cornelia Parker <Transitional Object II> 2008 Net, hooks, thread and bags of lead
  • Cornelia Parker <Thirty Pieces of Silver(Detail)> Photograph by Shannon Tofts

    Cornelia Parker <Thirty Pieces of Silver(Detail)> Photograph by Shannon Tofts
  • Cornelia Parker <Thirty Pieces of Silver(Detail)> Photograph by Shannon Tofts

    Cornelia Parker <Thirty Pieces of Silver(Detail)> Photograph by Shannon Tofts
  • Cornelia Parker <Neither From Nor Towards> 1992 Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, London

    Cornelia Parker <Neither From Nor Towards> 1992 Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, London
  • Michael Joo <Doppelganger (Pink Rocianante)> 2009 bronze, enamel paint 195.6 x 193 x 111.8 cm Courtesy of the artist. Image provided by Kukje Gallery

    Michael Joo <Doppelganger (Pink Rocianante)> 2009 bronze, enamel paint 195.6 x 193 x 111.8 cm Courtesy of the artist. Image provided by Kukje Gallery
  • Michael Joo <Indivisible> 2012 Polycarbonate riot shields, plasticine, stainless steel wire 609.6 x 914.4 x 762 cm Courtesy of the artist. Image provided by Kukje Gallery

    Michael Joo <Indivisible> 2012 Polycarbonate riot shields, plasticine, stainless steel wire 609.6 x 914.4 x 762 cm Courtesy of the artist. Image provided by Kukje Gallery
  • Michael Joo <Untitled> 2013 Aluminized low-iron glass, oil based enamel paint 121.9 x 59.1 x 10.2 cm (each) Courtesy of the artist. Image provided by Kukje Gallery

    Michael Joo <Untitled> 2013 Aluminized low-iron glass, oil based enamel paint 121.9 x 59.1 x 10.2 cm (each) Courtesy of the artist. Image provided by Kukje Gallery
  • Michael Joo <Locale Inscribed (Walking in the desert with Eisa towards the sun looking down)> 2014-2015 Mixed media dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist. Image provided by Kukje Gallery

    Michael Joo <Locale Inscribed (Walking in the desert with Eisa towards the sun looking down)> 2014-2015 Mixed media dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist. Image provided by Kukje Gallery

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