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  • Art & Technology

    Technology parks at the ‘art junction’

    The definition of machine varies vastly depending on whether they are seen as mere machines, or identified within the context of technology. In itself, a machine is perceived as an objet, but technology is understood as what moves those very machines, a rule that embodies its principles of operation. In practice, we blur machines and technologies, lump them together, and refer to them simply as machines. However, the modern machines have become much closer in definition to technology. Here are some of the most innovative technologies leading us into the future, and the artists who are addressing these advancements. They focus largely on the importance of coexistence between man and machine. We are proud to present their work and the technology, which bring to the forefront the phenomenon of machines’ external aesthetics and "movement" as an intrinsic value.

  • Art & Technology #33: Umbrellium

    Art & Technology #33: Umbrellium

    Interaction between Art, Technology, and Life

  • Art & Technology: History

    Art & Technology: History

    Machine, dreaming of art