Art & Technology: History

Technology parks at the ‘art junction’

Art & Technology: History

Machine, dreaming of art

Fred Kahl <The Great Fredini's Scan-A-Rama 3D Portrait Studio print samples> Image Courtesy of the artist & ARTINPOST

The definition of machine varies vastly depending on whether they are seen as mere machines, or identified within the context of technology. In itself, a machine is perceived as an objet, but technology is understood as what moves those very machines, a rule that embodies its principles of operation. In practice, we blur machines and technologies, lump them together, and ostensibly refer to them simply as machines, heavily implied with the artifactious, idiomorphic domain of machine as an objet. From the Paleolithic stone tools to the modern artificial intelligence computers, our technologies have pertained to that implied definition of machinery.

However, the modern machines have become much closer in definition to technology. Here are some of the most innovative technologies leading us into the future, and the artists who are addressing ideas about these advancements to shape new perspectives. They focus largely on the importance of coexistence between man and machine. We are proud to present their work and the technology, which bring to the forefront the phenomenon of machines’ external aesthetics, such as "movement"as an intrinsic value and interactions with an operator.

Art & Technology #27: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Transition of artistic media from the traditional materials to media art has not just started recently. Artistic materials continue to expand into new areas through application of technology. Among them, the appearance of artificial light created by technology, in particular, provided a variety of images and changes to art. Lights enabled artworks which seem like drawings on the sky or on the surfaces of buildings.
One artist has become famous for his public art pieces in which lights are actively used. Media and public artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, who was born in Mexico and studied in Canada, creates a special world beyond the simple interpretation of natural light, pursuing immaterial beautifulness that cannot be easily reached by using different lights.

Art & Technology #26: Robotic Art

Art & Technology #26: Robotic Art

The rapid and continuous advancement of technology gave birth to an astounding art genre; robotic art. Artists have conducted various experiments using robots, while robot technology played a substantial part in expanding and improving artistic expression. Robots used in art come in many shapes and serve multiple purposes, making it difficult to define the genre with just the title of “Robotic art.” Alex Zivanovic collaborates with the cybernetic sculptor Edward Ihnatowicz in operating the website, www.senster.com, about his work titled <Senster>. This website introduces robots in art through an organized table. Robotic art is also demonstrated with robot-generated art, cybernetic sculpture, or performance art, which is represented by the artist Stelarc.

Art & Technology #25: Åzone Futures Market

Art & Technology #25: Åzone Futures Market

The highly developed new modern technologies more and more influence how the world’s future is shaped. The technologies have also achieved outstanding progress in art. We could merely watch and admire this situation as a third person; what if we could have an opportunity to have our own places in the future? A project named “Åzone Futures Market” is an online exhibition planned by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum(hereinafter Guggenheim), one of the major art museums of the world. The exhibition opened October 19, last year and has been successfully held for over a year.

  • Art & Technology #24: Immersive Environment

    Art & Technology #24: Immersive Environment

    Way to View Moving Images

  • Art & Technology #23: Tony Oursler

    Art & Technology #23: Tony Oursler

    New methodology of video art

  • Art & Technology #22: Refik Anadol

    Art & Technology #22: Refik Anadol

    Aesthetics of Digital Reality

  • Art & Technology #21: Using Senses Other than Sight

    Art & Technology #21: Using Senses Other than Sight

    Today’s sound art

  • Art & Technology #20: Fragments of perception on today while pondering on the future

    Art & Technology #20: Fragments of perception on today while pondering on the future

    The 20th Biennale of Sydney

  • Art & Technology #19: Spatialization of Technical Images

    Art & Technology #19: Spatialization of Technical Images

    Major Leap of the Virtual Reality and Today’s Art

  • Art & Technology #18: Art + Technology Initiative at LACMA

    Art & Technology #18: Art + Technology Initiative at LACMA

    Steps toward exploring the relationship between human and technology

  • Art & Technology #17: Bio Art

    Art & Technology #17: Bio Art

    Expansion of boundary of art based on information theory

  • Art & Technology #16: Legacies of Nam June Paik

    Art & Technology #16: Legacies of Nam June Paik

    Interpretation of Media, Technology, and Today

  • Art & Technology #15: Julius Popp

    Art & Technology #15: Julius Popp

    Bit.Series: Contemplation on a world composed of digital information

  • Art & Technology #14: The evolution of digital media and contemporary aesthetics

    Art & Technology #14: The evolution of digital media and contemporary aesthetics

    Evolution into inter-media

  • Art & Technology #13: Aram Bartholl

    Art & Technology #13: Aram Bartholl

    Against the Prevalence of Digital Media

  • Art & Technology #12: Analogue Technology

    Art & Technology #12: Analogue Technology

    Analogue Nostalgia

  • Art & Technology #11: STARTS

    Art & Technology #11: STARTS

    The consilience of art and science
    ICT & Art Connect – the stARTS Platform

  • Art & Technology #10: Bruce Munro

    Art & Technology #10: Bruce Munro

    Landscape of Light, Phantasmagoria on Land

  • Art & Technology #9: Technological Intervention

    Art & Technology #9: Technological Intervention

    Technology, intermediating art and man

  • Art & Technology #8: Random International

    Art & Technology #8: Random International

    Blurring the line between technology and humanity

  • Art & Technology #7: Augmented Reality

    Art & Technology #7: Augmented Reality

    Digital Technology Instigates an Artistic Revolution —from Virtual to Augmented Reality

  • Art & Technology #6: Lee-Nam Lee

    Art & Technology #6: Lee-Nam Lee

    A Static-Kinetic Paradox

  • Art & Technology #5: 3D Printing

    Art & Technology #5: 3D Printing

    New Technology, New Possibilities

  • Art & Technology #4: teamLab

    Art & Technology #4: teamLab

    Myth and Kitsch facing Technology

  • Art & Technology #3: Olafur Eliasson

    Art & Technology #3: Olafur Eliasson

    Mother Nature, Reproduced
    Olafur Eliasson: Master of Light and Climate

  • Art & Technology #2: Carsten Höller

    Art & Technology #2: Carsten Höller

    Across the boundless realms of art and science

  • Art & Technology #1: Richard Dupont

    Art & Technology #1: Richard Dupont

    Questions on human existence through 3D printing

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